7 Free Ways To Avoid Lines at Silverwood

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A common question cast and crew members hear here at Silverwood is how to avoid waiting in long lines during peak season. We are always on the lookout for new ways to improve our guest experience, so I took one for the team. I recently rode some rides, ate some tasty food, and found some useful ways to avoid lines with my impatient Toddler. My family and I were pleasantly pleased with how much fun we were able to fit into our day at Silverwood. Here are some tips and tricks that we discovered along the way.

1. Get to the Park at 10 A.M.

  • Not only will you be one of the first guests of the day to ride Thunder Canyon when the rope drops, but you might get first pick on the shady lounging areas in Boulder Beach. The front gates open at 10 a.m. which gives you access to all of Main Street until Park opening at 11. Grab a coffee and breakfast at Silverwood’s Coffee Roasting and Trading Company to start your day off right, and beat the crowds. Pro tip: Silverwood bakes all of their pastries FRESH every morning! They sell out fast, so be sure to grab one early!

2. Stay Late

  • The later you stay, the more time to play. Some families tend to leave after dinner for some much-needed downtime. This generally means shorter lines and more riding time for you and your family. Did you know that Silverwood also offers a discounted rate for guests that purchase their tickets at the gate after 4 p.m?? It’s the perfect date night! 

3. Head to the Dry Park First

  • Guests tend to turn right and head straight for Boulder Beach right as they arrive. If you and your family are thrill seekers and love rides, head to the popular attractions first to enjoy shorter lines. Some family favorite rides are Thunder Canyon, Timber Terror, Tremors, and Aftershock. You could always hit some fan favorites in the morning and then head that way again later in the evening after the water park closes to dry off (or get soaked if you are riding Thunder Canyon). 

4. Pick the Best Day

  • Just like all amusement parks, Silverwood has busier days than others. Check out the 2019 visitors guide to pick the right day for your family to visit. Be sure to keep that guide saved as you will be checking it many times throughout the season! 

5. Check the Events Schedule

  • After you check out the Visitors Guide, take a peek at Silverwoods Events schedule. Most events are fun to go to and be a part of, but if avoiding lines is a main goal for you, then you might want to avoid some busier event days.

6. Know the Map

  • My family and I really wanted a famous “single scoop” ice cream cone from the Ice Creamery. But my toddler decided that she didn’t want to wait in line. But then I remembered that Silverwood offers the same cascade ice cream down in Roller Coaster Alley. We quickly just went down the path, walked right up to the ordering window at the South Creamy, and instantly got the mouthwatering huckleberry ice cream that we were after. Knowing the Park map ahead of time really helped our experience, as Silverwood offers several similar food options throughout the park. Do your kids love chicken strips? Good news is they have chicken strips at over 5 locations! Check out their map here.


7. Plan your Meals

  • Figuring out where you want to eat beforehand could help save you some time once you are at the park. If everyone in your party knows to meet at Chuck Wagon Johns for lunch at 1:30 p.m. then that’s less time you spend deciding and coordinating during valuable riding time. That way you can also pick a less busy time to eat. While other guests are grabbing a bite to eat during the typical noon lunchtime, your family can race down Riptide Racer in no time. You could save even more time by grabbing a pizza to go on your way to the Log Flume.


There you have it! Those are some of the easiest ways to make the most out of your upcoming trip to Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Beach Water Park. No matter what day you choose, or how you choose to spend your day, your family is going to have a blast and make lasting memories for years to come. Let us know what some of your favorite Silverwood tips and tricks are to avoid lines in the comments below!


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  • Cassie . June 17, 2019 . Reply

    Love the ice cream tip!

  • Robert Lindner . June 17, 2019 . Reply

    Great common-sense (not so common?) suggestions! Also, good to know that all the ice cream is the same in the park, heh.

  • Kristen . June 17, 2019 . Reply

    Good article – I always assumed to go get wet first because it would be less crowded in the chillier mornings!

  • Shelli Johnson . June 17, 2019 . Reply

    Send someone to refill sippers while everyone else is on a ride.

  • Staucia Kosoff . June 17, 2019 . Reply

    Great article! I never knew that Silverwood had a visitor guide calendar.

  • denoya . June 18, 2019 . Reply

    Nice tips!

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    Loved silver wood and cant wait to go back and some good tips

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    Thanks for the great tips!

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    All great ideas!

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    We would love to have a blast at Silverwood!

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    Yes, we love doing these things to get the most out of our time at the park.

  • Krystal . June 18, 2019 . Reply

    We love boulder beach cant wait to celebrate my little ones 4th bday next month there

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    Good advice!

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    Helpful tips!

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    Love silverwood!

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    I will definitely try! This is a great post. Especially the tip about arriving at 10am

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    All great tips, especially about arriving early! You get the best pick of everything if you’re first

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    Awesome info!

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    I never been to this place but wanna go sooo bad!!’ Thank you for the info

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    Great tips!

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    Haven’t been in a couple of years. Would be nice to visit this year.

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    Great times at Silverwood, especially when you get to wait in the misting lines!

  • Carrie . June 18, 2019 . Reply

    Thank you for the tips!

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    I love going to Silverwood with my brother!!! Thanks for the tips!

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    We’re so excited to visit again!

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    Lots of great tips! Excited to visit Silverwood with my family for the first time this summer!

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    Great tips cant wait to use them

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    Cant wait to take my family to Silverwood. It was my favorite trip to take as a kiddo with my family growing up!

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    Great tips to make the day really count, especially with a big group!

  • Kimberly Ellis . June 18, 2019 . Reply

    We love Silverwood and spend from open until closing there!

  • Nicole . June 18, 2019 . Reply

    I really want to win some tickets! Lol.

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    Would love to grandkids♥️

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    Ready for summer fun

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    Love Silverwood!

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    Great info, especially during busy times.

  • Barb . June 19, 2019 . Reply

    Thanks for alk the wonderful ideas to save time in lines. Wow nice to know you bake all your pastries fresh everyday, I’ll be stopping in to check them out!

  • Lori . June 19, 2019 . Reply

    We love Silverwood and found the crowds pretty bearable. The lines weren’t too bad and moved quickly. Can’t wait to get there this year.

  • S V . June 19, 2019 . Reply

    Excellent tips!

  • Wendi C . June 19, 2019 . Reply

    Thanks for the great tips. This first timer will definitely use them!

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    Very helpful tips . Thank you

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    Has anyone been to the park on the 4th of July?

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    Love the tips! Been to the park before but this will definitely help

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    Great article, looking forward to using these tips!

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    Awesome tip thanks

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    Really good tips! Thank you!

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    Thanks for all the tips. We can’t wait to visit for the first time soon!

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    We love Silverwood, missed last year because we moved to Alberta, but making a trip back to BC and stopping on the way down to Spokane <3

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    We’re going to Silverwood in July and it would be amazing to win some free tickets for our trip!

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