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Summer is in full swing and that means family vacations, and Silverwood should be on your radar. If you’re planning a trip and want family fun for all ages, Silverwood is certain not to disappoint! My stepdaughters and I spent a day straying from the beaten path and you won’t believe what we found. Here’s a rundown of some of the hidden gems we discovered during our Silverwood adventures.

  1. Visit the Mine Shack

The what? When we stumbled across it, we weren’t sure what we had discovered. Information on this attraction can’t be found in too many places and you must be looking for it! Tucked between the infamous Red Baron ride and the Climbing Trees, the Mine Shack is an adventure all its own. Mine for your own gems and collectible toys. Kids of all ages will find delight in going on an Indiana Jones-type excursion deep in a Mine Shack where they must dig for treasures!

Hidden Gem Tip: Use the flashlight on your phone to help your miner’s better see what they’ve discovered!


  1. Capture an Insta Worthy Family Photo

In a world where social rules, us moms are always looking for that perfect picture opportunity. The most obvious spots are in everyone’s feeds. Finding a new place to photograph can help to keep things interesting!

Hidden Gem Tip: Stop by Huck’s General Store and snap the kiddos picture in one of the giant wooden rocking chairs! They can even throw on one of the silly hats available for purchase on the front porch for effect!

  1. Ride the Antique Cars

Watch out! The average driver on this road doesn’t have a license! Although a well-known attraction, this Silverwood classic often gets skipped because of its “Low Intensity” label. Don’t let the slow pace fool you, it’s loads of fun for all ages.

Hidden Gem Tip: Parents, sit back, relax and let the kiddos drive you around for a change. For the full effect, throw in a few “Are we there yet’s?!”

  1. Nick Norton’s Magic Show is a Must See!

My girls weren’t too excited to leave the thrills of Rollercoaster Alley to be forced to sit still during the magic show. However, once the magic began; they were mesmerized and couldn’t believe their eyes! They almost forgot to eat their pizza, a clear compliment to the magician. This 30-minute show rivals some of the best in Vegas and Silverwood spoils its guests with this show-stopping attraction.

Hidden Gem Tip: Arrive early, order a pizza and grab a seat. Theater staff will bring your order right to your table so you can dine during the show!

5. Brave the Riptide Racer at Boulder Beach

What’s a little competition among siblings? The girls and I stumbled across the Riptide Racer at Boulder Beach. Not only was the line much shorter than the other slides, they loved the feeling of racing one another to the bottom; eager to check the race clock and see who bested who.

Hidden Gem Tip: Grab a Tropical Frozen Drink from the Cabana Cooler then sit on the shady hillside at the bottom of the slide for a great view of the competition!

6. Take a Break at the Main Street Theater

All kids love to go to the movies and the Main Street Theater is a great place to grab some popcorn and get out of the sun before hitting Boulder Beach. Depending on the day, you’ll catch a classic black and white movie or some hilarious cartoons!

Hidden Gem Tip: The bathrooms in the theater are always less crowded than most!

Hidden Gem Tip: Grab a Tropical Frozen Drink from the Cabana Cooler then sit on the shady hillside at the bottom of the slide for a great view of the competition!


There is no better way to end the day and bribe your kids into a quiet car ride home than at the Candy Store! Not only is this the best place to get them a nice sugar buzz, but it’s every candy lover’s dream!

Hidden Gem Tip: Get yourself a treat for the ride home. Pick something that brings back some childhood nostalgia.


Silverwood has loads of hidden gems if you just know where to look – so don’t be afraid to explore a little and take the road less traveled!

About the author:

Hi, my name is Allison Rose, and I live and breathe social media! I have lived in Spokane for 30 years and love the PNW and all it has to offer. I own 1-Stop Media, a social media marketing firm in Spokane, WA. Also, I work with other female influencers to provide a free blog for women, Build U Girl Gang. This resource is a place for women to share their authentic selves and inspire other women. I am engaged to a wonderful man and have two beautiful stepdaughters who are 9 and 10. My family absolutely loves spending time at Boulder Beach! I live for the bumper boats, log ride, and para-sail — but I mainly look forward to the train ride and, of course, a visit to the candy store.

I have grown up watching this park evolve. The very first time I visited Silverwood, the only roller coaster was the Corkscrew. I was always mesmerized by the old-time western feel of Silverwood as a child. It was like going back in time or being in a movie!


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  • Laura . July 31, 2019 . Reply

    What does the drink taste like?

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    Great post!!

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    Great information. I will check out some of the places listed that we have not been to before

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    We love silverwood going to go one last time this summer help me make it happen for my boys 8th birthday!!! Pick me for those tickets!!!

  • jbrown1711 . August 1, 2019 . Reply

    We love silverwood, going 1 last time this year for my sons birthday aug 11th he will be 8 help me make it happen!!!! cant weait to find these little spots we have always missed

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    Love these secrets!

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    Can’t wait to try some of these tips on our first visit in a couple weeks

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    We are headed there this weekend. Cant wait to find the Mine Shack.

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    Such a great read, thanks for taking the time to share these!

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    So awesome. I love this place. Cant wait to take my kids

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    We want to go to silver wood.

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    The magic show will not disappoint!

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    My family loves this place

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    Great ideas! Thank you!

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    Thanks for the ideas!

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    Great tips! I have not seen the mine shack before. Will have to find it next time I go!!

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    So excited for our first trip. Can’t wait to explore these places.

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    Great tips! Out family id so excited to be coming to visit Silverwood and Boulder Beach for the first time. Driving down from Canada- a 12 hour drive!

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      Safe drive Sarah Wolsey! You will have fun and your family will create awesome memories!

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    I cant wait to go! We have a family trip planned.

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    All those tips sound so fun I have done a few of them. I love to slow my life down and spend a day at your park watching my kids having fun.

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    Our summer plans fell through and my poor daughter is super bummed. Silverwood sounds like the place to put a smile back on her face!

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    I would love to see little historical facts written about Silverwood.

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    Love the magic show!

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    Great tips! We were just there and saw Nick’s magic show, was way better than I thought it would be!

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    Wish I’d been able to read this before our trip last week. Oh well, good for next time!

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    I’m glad I stumbled on this blog! We will be going for the first time this summer. We are really excited!

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    I’d love to go, I haven’t been before; it seems suuuuper expensive!

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    💕 Great info! We love Silverwood! 💕

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    Thanks for the information

  • Tina . August 3, 2019 . Reply

    These are some fantastic ideas!!! You aren’t the first one to suggest the magic show!! If we win the tickets we will have to check it out!!!

  • Lily Hanson . August 3, 2019 . Reply

    I had no idea that Silverwood had a place to mine for treasure and I’ve been to Silverwood every year for as long as I can remember. I find it so cool!

  • Kailyn van der Ham . August 3, 2019 . Reply

    Great tips! Going in a couple weeks for the first time in years with my 3 kids. It’ll be their first time and I’ve only been once before!

  • Tammy Stephens . August 4, 2019 . Reply

    Nice blog.

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    We love silverwood! Thank you for the tips! Cant wait to go back!

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    Cant wait to visit! My husband and step daughter have been, but my daughter and I havent had a chance since moving here.

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    Love reading these!!!

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    Thank you for the great tips, my son would love digging for treasure. We will be sure to check it out!

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    Thank you for the tips – we are going next week for the very first time & want to ensure we do it all!!! 3 adults, 18 year old & a 3 year old!!

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    We are headed to Silverwood next week. Can’t wait to take our kids for the first time!! They are 2 and 4 and I hope they have as much fun as I remember having as a kid.

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    Love a nice summer day/evening at Silverwood!

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    I’m excited to go to Silverwood with my family in a couple weeks! Hopefully there is lots to do with toddlers too!

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    I’m so excited to enjoy 2 days next week

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    We adore SILVERWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our family always has the best time there!!

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