Vlog: Scarywood Haunted Nights – The Full Spooky Experience!

October 16, 2023.Matt and Kara Graham.0 Likes.4 Comments

Are you looking for a full spooky experience? Look no further than Scarywood Haunted Nights! This theme park walk through experience is the perfect Halloween destination for all you horror fans out there! From the moment you arrive, you’ll be plunged into the depths of this dark theme park. As you walk through the eerie attractions, you’ll be scared out of your mind! With Halloween just around the corner, don’t miss your chance to visit Scarywood Haunted Nights and experience the full spooky experience! Join us on this adventure as we head out to @silverwoodthemepark transformed Halloween experience, and take you with us! Matt & Kara share their experience as they check out this theme park for the 1st time and show you what you can expect if you visit, as well as share some of the scares in the scare zones and walk through the haunts of Blood Bayou, Chuckles 3D Sideshow, Pharaohs Curse, and Planet Zombie; Lights Out. We explore all of the food, haunts, souvenirs and MORE available for your night at this spooky, haunted, theme park. Viewer Discretion Advised! Adult content and flashing lights may not be suitable for all ages.

Meet The Conductor

We are the Graham Family from the greater Seattle area. Our family includes Matt & Kara along with our 3 children Haylie (18), Holden (13), and Everly (6). We enjoy travel, adventure, and sharing our experiences with you on YouTube @grahamventures! Silverwood is a favorite of all of ours. We are most looking forward to hanging in the Lazy River, tackling Roller Coaster Alley and enjoying funnel cake!


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  • Gayle Douglas . October 16, 2023 . Reply

    We haven’t tried Scarywood yet!

  • Crystal Hummel . October 16, 2023 . Reply

    Loved Silverwood, would really love to check out Scarywood!!!

  • Joseph Fulton . October 16, 2023 . Reply

    Yes scarrywood, love it

  • Jordan . October 19, 2023 . Reply

    Haven’t had the chance to see “scarywood”! Don’t know if I’d make it all the way through haha

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