What I Love Most About Silverwood: As Told By My 4 Kids

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We like to call ourselves “Silverwoodies”. Not a day goes by that our kids aren’t asking to visit our amusement park (we have no ownership however it has become our second home). I want to share with you how our children see Silverwood and the magic that it holds in their hearts. Our Silverwood experience starts with driving on the Highway 95 while my kids have a competition to be the first to see the theme park. Typically, my 7 year old girl claims victory by being the first to see the blue and green roller coaster up in the horizon as she excitedly screams, “SILVERWOOD!!”.

Emery, Age 7


 If you ask Emery what she loves most about Silverwood, she will scream, “Stunt Pilot!” She wasn’t comfortable with the idea of riding Stunt Pilot at first; it definitely took some ice cream bribery. As expected, after her first ride, she was hooked! Emery’s perfect day includes riding her favorite roller coaster Stunt Pilot, eating some refreshing Cookies and Cream Dip N Dots, and lounging in the Lazy River at Boulder Beach. On really special occasions, she might get spoiled with a fun hat or a bubble wand. 

Hudson, Age 5

This 5-year-old boy really digs the bumper boats. The cackle laugh bursting out of his mouth when he blasts his dad with water is pure delight. It’s no wonder why this ride is his favorite. He loves getting to drive his own boat and drenching his siblings in water. Hudson must end every Silverwood day with a Steam Engine Train ride and show. Typically, we grab a Funfetti Funnel Cake to enjoy while we ride the train. On his last train ride, Poacher Pete begged Hudson to cut him loose. It was the funniest interaction, and he has not stopped talking about it.

Kian, Age 3

My little guy has become so brave and comfortable at Silverwood. In the beginning, he was too afraid to do any ride that Mommy or Daddy could not do with him. Now, because of the incredible staff and his growing confidence in the rides being safe, he does them all! His favorite is the Red Baron Airplane. After taking roughly three takeoffs, we then run to the antique cars, where he demands that he must drive. Thankfully, my older two have learned not to put up a fight on this one anymore.

  There is one special ride that all my kids love, and I frankly love it too! It is the perfect ride for the whole family. From my tiny 20-month-old to my husband and I, it’s a ride the whole family can do together. Tiny Toot Coaster is one for the books! This tiny train ride gets all four of my kid’s belly laughing. One of the greatest gifts of a parent is seeing your child’s fear be conquered and turned into joy!

Brielle, Age 1

She is 20 months old, going on twenty years old, and she thinks she’s the same age as her oldest sister. If she was allowed to ride Stunt Pilot, she would! Her older siblings show her the beauty and adventure of Silverwood, and she embraces it in full force. From the wonderful colors and textures of the candy store to the excitement of water splashes in the log ride, she is here for it all.

Silverwood is a magical place through these eyes. They see the wonder, and they want to experience it all. We have been coming to Silverwood every year for the last 8 years, and there is still so much to do and explore. I used to think, eventually, they would grow tired of Silverwood, but I do not see that ever happening. The experiences keep getting better and sweeter. 


Meet The Conductor

Hello there! My name is Ashley. I married my prince charming 10 years ago and we have 4 kids that are 7, 5, 3 and 1 years old. We just recently moved from Bothell, WA to Dalton Gardens to fulfill our homesteading dreams. Every year we have made the 5 hour trip to visit Silverwood theme park but now we live 15 minutes away and plan to take full advantage. At Silverwood, you will find me floating the lazy River with a giant soft serve in hand.


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    I have always wanted to go to Silverwood!

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    I have never been to Silverwood! I would love to go and bring my niece that has never been to a theme park before!

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    I may be biased, but those kids are super cute 😉

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