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March 4, 2024.Ashley Farnsworth.3 Likes.15 Comments

Silverwood Theme Park is a haven for thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts. The park is known for its roller coasters and water slides, which our family has learned is a fantastic place to engage in friendly competition. 

One way to add excitement at Silverwood is through a roller coaster challenge. There are a variety of challenges that can be done. For example, you could do a challenge on who can ride the most rollercoasters in one day or who can ride Stunt Pilot the most times in a row before losing their cookies. Another challenge we recently made was to hold your arms up for the entire ride of Tremors. We all kept our eyes on each other and even tried tickling measures to be the winner. The loser of the competition had to stand under the giant water bucket at Boulder Beach, and the winner got to choose what the next competition would be. It was added fun that we were able to take home a picture to remember the fun of this challenge. 

The winner of the Tremors competition decided the next challenge was going to be an eating one. Boy, oh boy, did this one make us all hurt for a while. We made our way to the ‘all-you-can-eat BBQ’ Chuck Wagon. We loaded up our plates to our hearts’ desires and waited at the table to find out what this challenge would be. The previous winner decided that everything on your plate must be eaten, and the last person to finish must ride Aftershock immediately following. Every person quickly regretted overfilling their plates. The race began, and our poor stomachs paid the price! To my disadvantage, I was the loser of this challenge. I will not go into detail of what it felt like to ride Aftershock following this meal, but I will say that I had to sit out the next few challenges…


Another competitive option is to explore the park’s carnival games. From ring toss to basketball free throws, there’s a wide array of skill-based (or pure luck?) games to try. Each person can take turns competing, and the one who racks up the most wins can be dubbed the “Carnival King.” Prizes won from these games can serve as lasting souvenirs of the day. 

Water rides are another great option for competitive families looking to cool off and have some splashy fun. Bumper boats make for an awesome challenge to see who can remain the driest and who will get the most drenched. It increases your chances of losing when bystanders are using their hard-earned quarters to soak you with the water guns. This is a game where the “losers” get a refreshing soak down, and the winners get bragging rights for a couple of hours.


Silverwood’s Boulder Beach Water Park features a range of water slides that are a great option for competition. To add a twist, create a point system for each ride completed, and the person with the most points at the end of the day wins the title of “Water Warrior.” (We encourage setting prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and last place prior to starting the day!) Racing down the Riptide Racer to see who will get the fastest time is an obvious one to get you started. Floating through the lazy river without touching the floor is another kid’s favorite contest. 

The competitions at Boulder Beach will be reaching a whole new level with its expansion. My family has already started the trash talk as to who will be the future king of this seemingly epic ride–Eagle Hunt! It is set to be the longest dueling water coaster in the United States! It contains two lanes, and each rider will race against the clock to see who can finish first. In this time trial experience, if you reach the bottom in the specified time then you will have “caught” your prey like an eagle! However, if you do not make the time, your prey will have gotten away. The ride includes sliding through 3 saucers, shooting UP 4 hills, and splashing through the first ProSlide Shadow Effect. This does not sound like your ordinary waterslide, and the suspense of riding Eagle Hunt will be mounting in my family as we wait for next summer to arrive! 

Silverwood Theme Park, with its thrilling rides and attractions, can be an ideal setting to up the ante and let out your competitive spirit. Some of our favorite memories and bonding moments have been on these “game” days.  


Meet The Conductor

Hello there! My name is Ashley. I married my prince charming 10 years ago and we have 4 kids that are 7, 5, 3 and 1 years old. We just recently moved from Bothell, WA to Dalton Gardens to fulfill our homesteading dreams. Every year we have made the 5 hour trip to visit Silverwood theme park but now we live 15 minutes away and plan to take full advantage. At Silverwood, you will find me floating the lazy River with a giant soft serve in hand.


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    Can’t wait to check out Eagle Hunt this summer!!

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    We are so ready for Silverwood this year!

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    That looks like so much fun! Can’t wait to visit from North Dakota!

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    These are the best ideas!! Can’t wait to try them out with my family this season!

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    Bring on the sunshine and family competitions!!

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    Excited to give Eagle Hunt a go, looks amazing! Our family of 6 loves Silverwood and we look forward to our vacation trips there.

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    Fingers crossed 🤞. Would make a great date day with the wife!

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    Silverwood is awesome! Thank you for the memories! And reminding me to buy my tickets!

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    I can’t wait until summer! Silverwood is the perfect family outing!

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    Can’t wait for silverwood!

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    So excited for our visit this summer!

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    The count down until opening has begun

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    Can’t wait!

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    Silverwood is such a fun place to go!!

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    So much fun. Can’t wait to check out the new additions.

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