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Silverwood Theme Park is the perfect Summer destination for families with kids of all ages! Between Silverwood’s main park and Boulder Beach water park, there is plenty to do to keep everyone entertained! 

While many people automatically think of rides when they think of Silverwood (and for good reason, as their roller coasters are thrilling), not every kiddo is going to want to hop on one of their world-famous roller coasters. As mamas of kiddos who aren’t necessarily thrill seekers, we totally relate.

Luckily, Silverwood offers plenty of attractions, shows, games, and activities that kids of all ages (and thrill levels) can enjoy! 






Carnival Games:


Silverwood has a plethora of classic Carnival Games to choose from on Main Street! 3-Point Shootout, Ring Toss, Balloon Races and so many more! The staff was super helpful making sure even the youngest kiddos got the most out of the game when it was their turn to play. For both the kids and the adults in your group, the Carnival Games offer a chance to catch your breath, get a little shade, and grab some ice cream or a sweet treat in between rides. 




Our kiddos LOVE the arcade! With classic arcade games like Skee Ball and The Claw Machine, vintage games (our husbands were thrilled to see Ninja Turtles!), and new games (Candy Crush, anyone?) there really is something for everyone! And of course, many of the games give tickets that can be turned in for fun prizes. 




Climbing Trees:


Our kids love the Climbing Trees play structure located in Critter Camp. Climbing Trees is a play structure built to look like a giant tree fort, and our kids ask to go there every time we’re in Critter Camp! The structure is small enough that it’s easy to keep an eye on the kiddos, but big enough so that it doesn’t feel crowded. Our kids climbed, ran, jumped, and made lots of friends during our time there. Climbing Trees is in the perfect location when we need a quick break from the rides designed for the younger park guests. 


 Mine Shack:


One of our favorite Critter Camp discoveries has to be Mine Shack. One may even call it a hidden gem! (See what we did there?)


At first glance, Mine Shack appears to be a gift shop. Head inside, however, and you’ll see the opening to a “mine”, where, for a small fee, kiddos can grab a mining hat, and some tools and head into the mine to hunt for their own gems (colorful, polished rocks that our kids went crazy for!). Once they sift through the sand to find the gems, kiddos are welcome to keep as many as they can fit in their bag. Our kids also had a blast re-burying the rocks that wouldn’t fit in their bags, getting the mining area ready for the next group of kiddos to come through.  




The Train Show:


There are two Train Show options to choose from. Both shows take place on Silverwood’s very own train engine as you travel through acres of Silverwood’s back forest.

The Great Train Robbery is a classic Silverwood attraction that everyone loves, and for good reason! With Ranger Rosie as your guide, head back to the early 1900’s for your first day on the job at the Silver Mine! Watch out for bandits, and wild animals, and keep a special eye out for the always elusive Sasquatch. 

A Trip to Yesteryear also takes passengers back in time to the early 1900’s. However, instead of the more interactive Train Robbery, this trip is all about sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying some fun Silverwood history courtesy of Rocky the Engineer. Keep an eye out for real live bison on this adventure! 


Phantasm Magic Show:


Silverwood’s resident magician, Nick Norton, puts on one spectacular magic show! We love to enjoy the 5 PM show and pair it with a pizza dinner (we recommend getting there about 45 minutes early to get a good spot). The pre-show begins with Nick interacting with the audience, getting the crowd warmed up. From there, get ready to be amazed and entertained as Nick and his assistants put on a fantastic show! We lost count of the number of times our kids cried out “WHOA! How did he DO that?!” 


Pro tip: Stick around right after the show to have a meet and greet with Nick and his assistants! Our kids were totally starstruck and were so excited to get their autographs and take photos. So much fun! 


The Movie Theatre:


The perfect place to cool off for a bit and take a quick break, the Movie Theatre is one of our favorite hidden treasures at Silverwood Theme Park. You can buy popcorn, drinks, and candy, then head into a free showing of a classic film. On our last trip, they were showing The Three Stooges. Our kids laughed their little heads off at the crazy antics of Moe, Larry, and Curly, and we all enjoyed the quick break in the day it offered. 




Elkhorn Creek:


Grab a tube and get floating! This is truly one of our favorite things to do at Boulder Beach. The Elkhorn Creek lazy river winds through Boulder Beach, twisting and turning, even taking you under bridges and past a sandy beach. Watch out for waterfalls! The water is shallow enough that our kids can ride in the tubes or jump out and swim alongside. Either way, it’s a great chance to cool down and get off your feet.


Polliwog Park:

Talk about a Splash Pad! Polliwog Park is a classic attraction for kids who love to get soaked! Between the geysers and the giant water bucket, kids will find plenty to keep them occupied on the floor level. Kiddos who are ready for a little more can climb the stairs and play in the structure itself, and they can even go down water slides!


The Salmon Run:


The Salmon Run is located in Emerald Forest, Boulder Beach’s newest expansion! It offers a toddler and kid-friendly splash pad and brand-new water slides for kiddos who may not be big or brave enough to hop on one of the larger water slides in the park. Our kids spent hours in the Salmon Run going down the different slides and running around the Splash Pad!

Pro tip: We highly recommend renting one of the new Emerald Forest Cabanas! We rented one for the first time and loved that the kids had a spot to come back to if they needed a quick break or snack. 


Wave Pool:


We could probably spend the entire day in the wave pool! Our kids always have a blast jumping, swimming, and splashing through the waves. In fact, the bell that announces the waves are starting up may be their favorite sound! The pool starts shallow and gradually gets deeper, which makes it fun for kids, adults, and everyone in between!

Silverwood has so much to offer aside from its totally amazing rides! From magic shows to train rides, and water slides to the Lazy River, there is no shortage of fun to be had at Silverwood and Boulder Beach! 


Meet The Conductors

Hi! We’re Hannah and Wendy, twin sisters and best friends who have four kids between us, ages 4 months through 7-years-old! You can find us @wandercoeurdalene on Instagram, where we share family friendly dining and play in the Coeur d’Alene/Spokane area. We are SO excited to share our Silverwood Theme Park adventures with you!


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