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It can be a challenge to get the whole family together day to day, and it can be even harder to get everyone to agree to do things together as a family when you are on vacation. Here at Silverwood we have plenty to do that the WHOLE family can enjoy. Whether your family members are 70 years old or only 5, we have activities that you all can do together. Here is a list of some of the rides and attractions that you can all enjoy as a family.

The Log Flume

Climb aboard with the whole fam! In this ride, all riders climb into a hollowed out log and then peaceful float through a windy river through the “woods”. After the gentle ride comes around the corner, riders then climb up to the top and splash down into a bigger pool. This ride is available to all guests as long as the little ones are accompanied by an adult.

Magic Show – Phantasm

Even the most hard to please family members will love this show! Nick Norton presents an award-winning magic show filled with some fan favorite illusions 5 days a week! He even has some new tricks up his sleeve this season. If you are hoping to find enough seats for the whole family, make sure to get to the Theatre of Illusion early. His least busy show is usually at 3 pm.

Candy Store

Everyone has to eat, and most everyone loves treats! Taking a break from the heat and take a peek into our Candy Store on Main Street. There is a variety of candy available to purchase. Whether someone is looking for a jawbreaker, salt water taffy, giant lollipops, or home made fudge, everyone is sure to be satisfied.

Bumper Boats

Splash, bump, and spray Grandma on the Bumper Boats! This ride is at a medium thrill level, and is sure to make a lasting memory for the whole family. All riders are also able to ride this ride, as long as the little ones under 48 inches are accompanied by an adult.

Antique Cars

You can finally let your preteen take the wheel on this ride! Pile the family in one of our antique cars and take a ride around Silverwood’s block! Even the littlest members of the family can give driving a try. This ride is open to all riders.

Thunder Canyon

Caution…  You will get wet… and you will have a blast on this ride. This ride has been a fan favorite for years, and for good reason. This ride allows up to 8 of your family members to take a whitewater rafting trip! This one does have a minimum height requirement and requires all riders to be at least 36 inches tall with an adult. But everyone will surely have fun. There is always one person that gets absolutely drenched.

Ice Creamery

Here at Silverwood we are well known for serving ice cream cones that are the size of your head. All you need is the “single scoop” and you will surely please everyone. This cascade ice cream comes in a variety of flavors and can be found in the Country Carnival.

Elkhorn Creek

Grab a tube and float the lazy river at Boulder Beach! This gives the kids a chance to swim and get some energy out, and it gives the parents the chance to relax. There is not a height requirement, and there’s even a float up bar.

Rumble Falls

With four tube slides to choose from, every member of the family can race down together! Rumble Falls is located in Boulder Beach and has a height requirement of 48 inches or 42 with a life jacket. Kids love these slides, and you will too!

Riptide Racer

Race to the finish down Riptide Racer! Standing nearly 60 feet tall and over 400 feet of slide, the new mat racing water slide features 6 side-by-side racing lanes for you and your friends. Riders will lie down head-first on an aero-dynamic mat and push out of the starting gate down the winding tubes. Gaining speed, they will then converge into the final stretch to determine the ultimate winner! Which one of your family members will win? Comment below!

Expedition Silverwood

The train show is magnificent and appeals to every member of the family. There is humor, a stunt show, roaming buffalo, and has a mystery creature lurking about. The train show takes riders through the woods around the property and makes a lasting impression.


We have food for the whole family at the park, but one of our guests favorite place to go for the family spread is the Pavilions. Your summer experience won’t be complete without partaking in the traditional BBQ spread. Here at Silverwood we have a phenomenal BBQ Pavilion that offers wood-grilled chicken quarters, tender pulled BBQ pork, hot dogs, mac and cheese, coleslaw, cornbread, country green beans, baked beans, corn on the cob, garden salad, watermelon, cookie and assorted Pepsi beverages, lemonade, iced tea and water. The best part is that you can eat all you want for only 12.99! Chuck Wagon John’s is located between Thunder Canyon and Tremors Roller Coaster.

There is lots to see and do with every member of the family! We hope that this guide helps you and your family bond and make lasting memories together this summer! If you have any other family friendly suggestions please comment below!




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  • Katelin Quezada . July 4, 2018 . Reply

    When my family goes to silverwood we always go to the water park first, have lunch then go and enjoy the rides.

  • Roxanne Dugger-Martinez . July 5, 2018 . Reply

    I can’t wait to visit the parks in August!

  • Kelli . July 6, 2018 . Reply

    Love Silverwood. My six year old loves the little rides for her. We spend a good part of the day on the Frog Hopper!

  • Sue . July 7, 2018 . Reply

    Going for our first time this week! Does Silverwood have a chart of peak attendance times/days/dates like Disney does?

    • (Author) Stephanie Sampson . July 13, 2018 . Reply

      Hi Sue! We have an up to date post about the best times to come to the park! Check out our 2018 Visitors Guide for more information!

      Stephanie Sampson
      Public Relations Manager

  • Amy . July 13, 2018 . Reply

    I would also love to hear the answer to Sue’s question above on July 7 about the peak attendance times/days/dates…..?

    • (Author) Stephanie Sampson . July 13, 2018 . Reply

      Hi Amy! For the best times and dates to visit the park, check out our 2018 Visitors Guide!

      Stephanie Sampson
      Public Relations Manager

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