Let’s Take A Trip To The Candy Shop

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Here we are. We made it once again to the beautiful world of Silverwood. But if you’re like me and mornings are rough, so I had to stop in to grab a coffee and a cinnamon roll. Because if you do not do that when you come to Silverwood, did you even really go?

I bring my kids here, and I love the treats that it holds, but you know what, before you get a treat, you gotta go into the High Moon Saloon and grab yourself some lunch. Because if you’re going to load up on sugar, you need to be prepared, especially with a rambunctious seven-year-old. They just added the sliders to the menu. THEY DO NOT DISAPPOINT!

Naomi loves all things sugar, but she loves Silverwood even more. So, having these days is really special where we can go and share our favorite little secret with you. Hidden right behind Main Street and sometimes covered by the train. A Silverwood’s Candy Shop filled with delightful treats from chocolates that are local to the biggest gummy worm (honestly, it’s really heavy), and the biggest lollipop you’ve ever seen.

This little shop has so many awesome wonders from Harry Potter treats to taffy in the Ferris Wheel. Everything here is good. Naomi loves to find the coolest little treats, and on a good day with exemplary behavior, you have to stop. I don’t know about you, but I have days that I don’t have both of my kids. I feel like I have to bring Lennox a treat, so he gets his candy picked out, and we get him a little stuffed animal.

Did you know that they have stuffed animals with candy here? I got a fake snake, I don’t know why, but it’s the cutest thing. The candy shop at Silverwood truly is a treasure, and I appreciate it more than you really know. It’s a perfect place to bring the family and find decadent treats at a very reasonable price.

The sweetest worker, named Talon, told me that people really love coming in and seeing that huge gummy worm because it really is quite strange and one of the top sellers. He said the gourmet chocolate and the lollipop, which is the most looked at, would also be favorites. He also said that people love coming in for the sour power powder (which I don’t blame you; Naomi wanted some). Going into a candy shop is always fun, but being able to come in with my kids and experience Silverwood is even more special.

So, don’t forget, if you have a sweet tooth and you want to stock up before you leave, had the candy shop hidden behind the trees

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Rochelle Durruthy is a San Diego transplant in the great Pacific Northwest, living and exploring in Spokane Washington, she is a content creator for her lifestyle blog, when she isn’t busy creating content she’s helping her fiancé and his renovation business and chasing their two children around, this year we added puppies to the mix. Always ready to conquer a new adventure Rochelle and her family are excited to share all the fun things to do at Silverwood  with you all.


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