You might have heard this a thousand times, but it is completely true. Here at Silverwood, the safety of our guests is our number one priority. All of our rules and guidelines are in place so that all of our guests are safe and so that they can make happy, lifelong memories. Here is our tips and tricks so that you know everything there is to know about rider safety at our park.

Rides by Height

We take pride in the fact that we have something for everyone to enjoy at our park. Whether your family members range from toddlers, teenagers, to grandparents. Everyone has something to look forward to. If you have little ones in particular, taking them to any theme park can be challenging when trying to plan out what they can do or ride. The best way to avoid these feelings is by getting your child measured at the Information Center upon arrival. Here at the park, we base our ride requirements on height instead of age. Once they are measured, your child will be given a wristband based on how tall they are and they won’t have to be measured at each attraction. This avoids waiting in a long line, and being disappointed when they reach the front. We also have an interactive size guide on our website that allows you to plan your day according to your child’s height. This can be helpful if you already know how tall they are. Don’t forget to check out our, Tackling The Park With A Toddler post for additional tips and tricks!

Footwear, Hats, and Glasses

We get a lot of questions regarding appropriate attire. Most commonly it is regarding footwear. All of our coasters have cubbies that you can use to store your personal belongings such as your shoes, hats, glasses, and small bags. This will prevent anything from flying off of you while enjoying the ride. Unfortunately once it is gone, we are unable to retrieve it. So please make sure to remove all of these items including coins and cash from your possessions before boarding an attraction.

When the water park is open, water shoes are not allowed on Riptide Racer, Rumble Falls and Velocity Peak due to safety. Also, any article of clothing with exposed metal will not be allowed on the slides due to safety of the rider and damaging the slide. The most common clothing item not allowed on the slides is denim due to the metal rivets.

GoPro Policy

We understand that guests want to capture their favorite moments while they are at the park.
GoPros have become common, and we have created a policy to keep everyone’s best interest in mind. If you would like to know whether or not you can use your GoPro on attractions, visit the Information Center when you arrive or ask the ride attendant when you get to the front of the line. They will then call a ride supervisor to approve your device.

Our Policy

GoPros are approved on an individual basis, ride by ride, person by person, by a rides supervisor. GoPro cameras may not be secured to ride unit, be hand held, or pose a safety risk to anybody. Usually, secured wrist, head, and chest mounts are approved. Hand held or GoPros that attach to ride units are not approved. If you have any questions, or would like approval please ask to speak to a rides supervisor.

Coaster Maintenance

Sometimes we get calls asking how safe our rides are. Our maintenance crew is up early hours making sure that each and every ride is safe for our guests. Walking the wooden coaster track, checking mechanisms, and doing test runs are just some of the few daily tasks. Each ride has at least five safety features, including manual and electronic locking mechanisms and other alert and fail-safes. We have backups of backups of backups. Each ride operator is also trained and certified in each ride or attraction that they operate. On your next visit, you will probably see our cast members announcing that they are doing their part. This means that they have checked the perimeter as well as the riders before giving a big thumbs up. Just know that we are taking the extra step for your safety and that we go above and beyond the traditional rules and regulations for the industry.

There you have it! Thank you for taking the time to read our quick safety guide before visiting our park. We want each and every one of you to have the best experience possible, and we hope that you can share those experiences with us in the comments below! We would love to hear from you.


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  • Cassie . September 12, 2018 . Reply

    Thanks for the height tip! Our little guy is just on the verge of being tall enough for some of the rides so we will def get a wristband next year!

  • Jacki Wakelin . September 12, 2018 . Reply

    Thanks for the safety update! Glad to know that you are looking out for us!

  • Jacki Wakelin . September 12, 2018 . Reply

    Hooray for the maintenance guys and gals who keep us safe!

  • Rob . September 12, 2018 . Reply

    Hoping for a visit to Silverwood when it’s not so crowded. 🙂

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