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We are excited to announce 7 new members of the Silverwood family! These “Conductors” are superfans of Silverwood who will be sharing their own individual adventures through our blog. Allison Sattin, Carolyn Saccomanno, Cheree Sauer, Jackie Charlebois, James Chick, Kayla Olayos and Kelsey Steffen will be “conducting” Silverwood lovers through their own journeys all over the park.

Our Conductors will assume their new roles in May 2019, continuing until April 2020. Be sure to be on the watch for ticket giveaways and exclusive behind the scenes sneak peeks!

As we embark on our maiden voyage of the Conductors program, we encourage our loyal visitors and fellow Silverwood lovers to reach out with any questions — or even nominate someone you feel would be an exceptional Conductor next year!


Hi, my name is Allison Rose, and I live and breathe social media! I have lived in Spokane for 30 years and love the PNW and all it has to offer. I own 1-Stop Media, a social media marketing firm in Spokane, WA. Also, I work with other female influencers to provide a free blog for women. This resource is a place for women to share their authentic selves and inspire other women. I am engaged to a wonderful man and have two beautiful stepdaughters who are 9 and 10. My family absolutely loves spending time at Boulder Beach! I live for the bumper boats, log ride, and para-sail — but I mainly look forward to the train ride and, of course, a visit to the candy store.

I have grown up watching this park evolve. The very first time I visited Silverwood, the only roller coaster was the Corkscrew. I was always mesmerized by the old-time western feel of Silverwood as a child. It was like going back in time or being in a movie!


Hi, my name is Carolyn Saccomanno. I have lived in Spokane since childhood and feel beyond lucky to raise my girls here as well. My mom Carmen and I run Momvillage, a blog, resource, and online hub for moms in the Spokane area. We are passionate about connecting moms in our city to the many wonderful local businesses who serve them and their families. I’ve been visiting Silverwood since childhood. From family outings to field trips, I’ve truly grown up with the park. It’s a familiar and comfortable place for my family, and we’d like to help other families make it a key part of their own family history like it has been for us. My husband Mike and I have two girls who will be one and three years old this summer, and they are total water babies! My personal favorite rides are all the big roller coasters — Timber Terror, Aftershock, and Tremors — but I have a feeling Toddler Springs will be more our jam this year.



Hello, my name is Cheree! I am a wife and mom. I own a business called Heartfelt Mamas, where I share motherhood struggles and teach self-care through blogging and social media. I have been married to my husband for 12 years, and we have two boys who are in 1st grade and preschool. Our family loves to explore the outdoors and find activities around the Spokane area. We do our best to cherish experiences over things. I have been to Silverwood as a kid, teenager, young adult, adult — and now as a parent too. I am an adrenaline seeker; roller coasters and thrill rides are my all time favorite! As a child, my dad and I would always try to find the rides that gave us the biggest adrenaline rush. Now my 6-year-old and I do the same. He is so excited to be tall enough for the big coasters this year!





Hello! My name is Jackie. I am married to a handsome handyman, and I’m the proud momma of 5 kids. About 12 years ago, I started my photography business, Jax Creations Photography. Last year, I started a family website called Wanderful Memories. I use this site to share ways other families can document moments in life through travel and lifestyle. A fun fact about me is that I love to cook/bake for others, and I throw a great dance party in the kitchen (when no one is around to watch my awesome dance moves, of course)! There are many parts of Silverwood that I enjoy, but if I had to narrow it down, it would be riding the Tilt-a-Whirl with my boys. I love to hear them belly laugh! My family enjoys visit Silverwood multiple times during the summer with season passes — it is the perfect way to split up the summer days by visiting the water park or getting their adrenaline going on a roller coaster.




We are an adventurous family of 4; my name is James, and my wife Ashley and I are proud parents to two daughters (nicknamed Goose and Maverick). We travel the country full time in our RV, along with our Great Dane, Apollo. We are always on the move exploring and seeking adventure! We live life by our motto, “Stay positive; life is an adventure; get out there and make some memories!” We all have a deep-rooted love for Silverwood. In fact, my oldest daughter keeps a “Countdown to Silverwood” for our annual family trip! We are a vlogger family and we are so excited to share our love of Silverwood to our 48,000 followers on our YouTube channel TheChicksLife.





Kayla here, I’m a wife and mother to three incredible little ladies. I’m a self-proclaimed DIY and crafting expert. My family absolutely loves the beautiful Pacific Northwest summers, and one of our favorite ways to enjoy summer is at Silverwood! To this day, my daughters and nieces cannot stop talking about the racing water slide. One day, they went on that ride 5 or 6 times in a row before we had to tell them it was time to try something else! We still can’t decide on a favorite spot. My family has an absolute blast in Roller Coaster Alley and Boulder Beach. We are so excited to return and create more family memories this year!






My name is Kelsey Steffen. My husband and I have been married for 13 years and moved to North Idaho nearly 11 years ago. Five years ago, we started a blog called Full of Days where we document and share all of our tips and tricks for living life to its fullest. In the summertime, our family tradition is making weekly trips to Silverwood. We split our time equally between the water park and the rides — but if we had to favor one side, it would be the water park. We all love the water!

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