Vlog: Exploring Silverwood Theme Park On A Budget

September 4, 2023.Matt and Kara Graham.0 Likes.1 Comment

Please join us on the first of our Silverwood 2023 Series! Silverwood has invited us out and given us a mission. Enjoy everything Silverwood has to offer including: Food, Drinks, Entertainment, Souvenirs, and FUN for under $50 per person.

We show what a great value Silverwood Theme Park is and how far we can stretch our money while enjoying a day there. Our challenge starts with Holden heading to Boulder Beach where he decides to spend his day, and Matt, Kara, Haylie and Evie heading to the theme park side. We enjoy some of the rides, and have our first meal in the park at Country BBQ. Check out what they have to offer as we enjoy lunch and check in with Holden. Holden shows off some of his favorite things to do in the water park, which are all included in the price of your ticket. He then gets a smoothie at the swim up bar in the lazy river for a great deal! Souvenirs are included in this challenge and Holden decides to spend most of his budget on a new hoodie. Silverwood has a vast variety of souvenirs in all different price ranges.

Back at the theme park, we partake in some of the offered carnival games. These games do cost an extra fee, but are very entertaining. Plus we won some prizes! All the entertainment and rides are included with your ticket price, so we are able to spend our money on many other things while we enjoy a day at the park. The train ride and magic show are high quality FREE entertainment! After a long day, we decide to stop in the Victorian Coffee House for a coffee break! There are plenty of places to stop for a rest and get a refreshing beverage at a good deal. $5 coffee? We’ll take it! We decide to get some dinner from the Pizzeria and watch the magic show! This is a great deal and a money saving way to feed a family. Tables inside give you a wonderful view of the show, but be sure to get there early for a seat!

Haylie, Matt and Kara all show off their souvenirs before heading to Roller Coaster Alley and going on Evie’s FIRST full size roller coaster ride on Tremors! We hope you enjoyed spending the day with us at Silverwood Theme Park today. Be sure to subscribe and ring that bell for more upcoming Silverwood content! If you enjoy location and travel content, and would to see more location adventures, please consider supporting our channel by subscribing here    / grahamventures  

Meet The Conductor

We are the Graham Family from the greater Seattle area. Our family includes Matt & Kara along with our 3 children Haylie (18), Holden (13), and Everly (6). We enjoy travel, adventure, and sharing our experiences with you on YouTube @grahamventures! Silverwood is a favorite of all of ours. We are most looking forward to hanging in the Lazy River, tackling Roller Coaster Alley and enjoying funnel cake!


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  • Joseph Fulton . September 4, 2023 . Reply

    Cant wait until Scarrywood this year

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