What To Pack For The Park When Traveling With Littles

August 6, 2020.Chelsea Halasz.5 Likes.23 Comments

Guess what!!!? We are planning on going to Silverwood soon! Going to Silverwood theme park has always been one of my favorite past times of my childhood and now I’m so excited to share that with children of my own! Taking a little kid, a toddler, and a new baby to Silverwood is definitely going to take some preparation and planning to insure we have a smooth, successful and enjoyable trip! I’ve prepped a list of my top essential items to pack for Silverwood and Boulder Beach if you’re traveling with littles or a baby!


Must have for carrying kids who don’t want to walk any more. I know I’m not carrying them! We like to bring a double stroller so one can tote the baby and the other two kiddos can switch out. If they want to walk, the under carriage or a seat makes a great spot to carry a bag full of your other essentials!


If you’re a parent you’ve likely heard the phrase “ I’m hungry” enough to know your kids will say it every time you pass Dip n Dots or the cotton candy stand. Bring some snacks to keep them happy while in line or between meals! Silverwood allows each guest bring in a 12x12x12 soft-sided cooler with small snacks or personal lunch into the park.

Fanny Pack

Don’t laugh! You won’t regret it! Perfect for when you have to leave your stroller to get on a ride you’ll be glad you have a secure place to store some cash, cards and of course your phone! No one likes feeling uneasy leaving their essentials behind!

Going to Boulder Beach?

Puddle Jumpers

Other than swimsuits and sunscreen, we like to bring our puddle jumpers! Our kids are used to them! Just make sure they are US coast guard approved so you can bring them in! Boulder Beach does provide life jackets in all sizes at a first come first serve basis!

Swim Diapers

For those who aren’t potty trained!

Waterproof Phone Pouch

For keeping phone safe and taking your IG worthy pics! Boulder Beach also sells these in the gift shop if you didn’t have a chance to get one on amazon beforehand!

My must have items for a baby? Here are my lifesavers:

Portable Pump

If you’re a pumping mom, doing things like going to Silverwood can seem daunting! Bring a hand pump or an electric double pump and pump wherever you are! I love my Freestyle Flex pump from Medela, it’s super small and fits right in the bottle pocket of my diaper bag! I also bring a light muslin swaddle to use as a blanket and tie around my neck for a cover up for pumping or nursing if I want some privacy!

Bottle Warmer

Bottle feeding? I got you! I love my tiny bottle warmer from Baby’s Brew! It also fits right in the baby bag! Charge it the night before and it should last you the whole day warming bottles so you don’t have to keep asking for cups of hot water everywhere!

Formula Dispenser

Formula feeding? Try a formula dispenser! No one wants to slow their roll riding fun rides to stop measure scoop and probably spill formula powder everywhere! Baby’s Brew also has a formula holder and dispenser! One push of the button is one scoop of formula! So easy!


If you’re planning a trip to Silverwood with young ones or a baby these items are sure to make things a smoother trip for you!


Meet The Conductor

My name is Chelsea Halasz.
I own a lifestyle and travel IG feed called @TheBlondeSpaniard. I was born in Spain but grew up mostly in the Pacific Northwest! I introduced my husband to the PNW almost 10 years ago and he has fallen in love with it just as much as I have! We are raising our 3 children ( 6, 3, and a newborn) here and hoping to see them grow a passion for all the fun outdoor adventure the area offers!

I grew up going to Silverwood as a young girl and I’m so excited to bring those family traditions full circle and bring my own family! Check out my feed on Instagram where I share all our family fun, home decor inspo and travel adventures! Take a peak at my PNW highlights to see all our local adventures including our fun times at Silverwood!

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Comments (23)

  • Jennifer . August 6, 2020 . Reply

    Great tips. Can’t wait to visit

  • Jessica S. . August 6, 2020 . Reply

    I just purchased a fanny pack for our trip! Glad I’m not the only one who thought it was a great idea. 🙂

  • Lacey Jones (Funke) . August 6, 2020 . Reply

    Our kiddies have never been, we would love to bring them one day!

  • Elizabeth C. . August 6, 2020 . Reply

    Thanks for the helpful info!

  • Taylor Johnston . August 6, 2020 . Reply

    Love silverwood! Good advice

  • Leslie Stockdale . August 6, 2020 . Reply

    Hard to get our littles to take a time out to even have a drink of water while we are there.

  • Brittany H . August 6, 2020 . Reply

    Such great tips !! I have littles and a newborn and would love to visit here wjth less stress and this was so helpful!!

  • JenniF83 . August 7, 2020 . Reply

    I second the double stroller (3 kids here!), as well as the small cooler of snacks. I also would suggest bringing several empty water bottles (sippy cups, etc) from home for the family as Silverwood has bottle refill places. This saves money, keeps the kids hydrated, and allows you to have the cups on hand that work for the really little ones!

  • Liz Churchill . August 7, 2020 . Reply

    Great tips!

  • Sam . August 7, 2020 . Reply

    extra clothes!! Messes happen!!

  • Kim Fischer . August 7, 2020 . Reply

    Great ideas!

  • Heather . August 7, 2020 . Reply

    Great tips! We hope to go before we move away

  • Leslie Stockdale . August 7, 2020 . Reply

    I didn’t know they sold the waterproof phone pouches there! Guess I need to poke around the shopping areas to see what else I may have missed!

  • Hill . August 7, 2020 . Reply

    Love the fanny pack use

  • Amber . August 8, 2020 . Reply

    Looks fun!

  • Victoria Williams . August 9, 2020 . Reply

    Looking forward to more helpful content about taking toddler age kiddos!

  • Heather Davis . August 9, 2020 . Reply

    My family love Silvetwood. We always leave with so many great memories

  • Ashley Hampton . August 11, 2020 . Reply

    Thank you for the tips! I didn’t think of the puddle jumpers! Definitely bringing them next week!

  • Stef . August 13, 2020 . Reply

    Fanny packs are the best even without babies 🙂

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