The Silverwood Show: History, RMC, Prank

April 1, 2021.Stephanie Sampson.11 Likes.22 Comments

The Silverwood Show: Season 1 – Episode 1

Welcome to The Silverwood Show! This all-access, behind-the-scenes series is designed to give you a glimpse into the life at Silverwood. In this first episode, Stephanie will give you a quick history lesson about Silverwood, take you down to Rocky Mountain Construction to check on the progress of our new roller coaster, Stunt Pilot, and pull a little prank in honor of April Fool’s Day. We hope you enjoy the first episode of the Silverwood Show. Comment below on what you would like to see in future episodes.


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Comments (22)

  • Tana . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    I grew up going to Silverwood and now enjoy enjoy taking my children there.

    • Lena M Hansen . May 4, 2021 . Reply

      I have been going to Silverwood ever since i was 5 years old and i am now almost 30 and i still love Sillverwood you rock. Such great staff.

  • Travis Smith . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    Really neat to see the history aspect

  • Cherajoy Fain . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    Loved learning about the history….the pranks were great too! 🙂

  • Cassie W . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    This was interesting!

  • Tristan . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    That is exactly how I expected Heidi to react 17/17

  • Matthew Bottman . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    I adore going to Silverwood Theme Park. I enjoy going on Thunder Cannon and log rides, I love getting wet. Lol. Thank you, STP for giving us behind-the-scenes of the park. Sincerely, Matthew B.(Cakeboy1123)

  • Andrew Williams . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    Always good to learn history.

  • Naomi . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    My family moved here in the 80s and I remember coming to Silverwood the year it first opened. I was just a little kid, but I remember the petting zoo, the train ride, and the air shows from those early years – we had so much fun watching Snoopy battle the Red Baron. It’s been fun watching the park grow and transform over the years into what it is today.

  • Brooke FitzSimmons . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    What fun to grow up right in the middle of this adventure. My kids are jealous of you!! We are excited to visit this summer!

  • asksteevs . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    Awesome. Would be stoked to win tickets!

  • Monique Dupree . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    I absolutely loved watching the first and new video of how Silverwood was founded I enjoyed it so much especially the April Fool’s prank it made me laugh so hard I was crying can’t wait for the new season

  • Jeffrey Horton . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    So great that Silverwood is doing a blog now! It’s fun for me to keep up with what’s going on (and hear the history and trivia) from my home in Washington. Keeps me excited about visiting year after year.

  • Kelly . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    Love this! Silverwood is my favorite place in Idaho, I wanna know about Scarywood and what goes into putting that event on each year

  • Monica G . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    Wow this was very interesting! Loved all the history about it!

  • JD . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    Great episode. Love the background. So excited for a new coaster!

  • Hannah Morse . April 1, 2021 . Reply

    Loved this video!!!

  • Elisabeth Edal . April 2, 2021 . Reply

    Absolutely love this Park! What a Gem right in our back yard.

  • Helena . April 2, 2021 . Reply

    Very interesting to learn about Silverwood’s history! I can’t wait to try the new ride!

  • Leslie Stockdale . April 2, 2021 . Reply

    Great video. Honestly didn’t realize how many years ago Silverwood opened, but now I guess I understand why I never got to come here when I was a kid… I was born too early! Guess I just need to enjoy the wilder rides thru the eyes of my grandkids. The lazy river is my speed.

  • elizabeth . April 7, 2021 . Reply

    being one of the only bigger amusement parks I’ve been to I’m very glad I get to look forward to coming here in the summer! I’m planning to visit once I move back to the northwest!

  • Jennifer Roberts . May 28, 2021 . Reply

    I’m so excited to be going to silverwood with my bf this summer. He’s never been before so this is gonna be the time of his life I just know it!

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