The Silverwood Show: Scarywood, Scare, Fails

October 13, 2021.Stephanie Sampson.1 Like.4 Comments

The Silverwood Show: Season 1 – Episode 10

In this episode of the Silverwood Show, we are going to bring you behind the scenes and introduce you to some of our longtime Scarywood haunters. Then, we are going to give our haunters a little taste of their own medicine by scaring them before their orientation.


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Comments (4)

  • roy kositzky . October 14, 2021 . Reply

    i love coming to the park with my 2 kids 7 and just turned 2 in sept 21. i have never got to come to scarywood and would love to bring the wife on a date. it would be the first one in over 5 years. thank for all the fun.

  • Sara McLean . October 16, 2021 . Reply

    I have never been to the theme park, but we will be planning a family trip soon. Looks like the scarywood is a blast. Love how you share all the videos about the theme park. Winning the tickets would get us out of town sooner than later. 🙂

  • Joy Gibson . October 19, 2021 . Reply

    Ive been 2 times this year and I want to go again! Cant get enough of Scarywood. Its my happy place🥰

  • Mitchell . October 19, 2021 . Reply

    5 stars! Awesome scary crew!!!

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