The Silverwood Show: The Silverwood Games Part 1

September 22, 2022.Stephanie Sampson.1 Like.2 Comments

The Silverwood Show: Season 2 – Episode 6

In our second annual Silverwood Games, we will put 9 departments to the test to determine who is the ultimate cast member. They will face challenges that will test their ability to work as a team and under varying conditions. Which team has what it takes to win the Silverwood Games?


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  • Gayle Douglas . September 22, 2022 . Reply

    Can’t wait to go to Scarywood!

  • JoAnn King . September 24, 2022 . Reply

    I’ve never been to ScaryWood… We planned on going this year tho!!! I’m so happy that we have Silverwood in the great PNW.

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