The Silverwood Show: NEW Variety Show, Singing Challenge

June 8, 2023.Stephanie Sampson.1 Like.5 Comments

The Silverwood Show: Card Throwing

In this episode of the Silverwood Show, Stephanie will take you behind the scenes of the new High Moon Saloon Variety Show to meet the cast. Then, we will test their skills with a special singing challenge.


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Comments (5)

  • Jaclyn wilbourn . June 8, 2023 . Reply

    I would love to win tickets to silverwood! I’m trying to take my niece when she comes next month from hawaii! It will be her first time on a airplane flying anywhere! She has never been to a theme park or a water park!

  • Katie C . June 9, 2023 . Reply

    Cannot wait to watch when come!!

  • Scooter . June 11, 2023 . Reply

    Our family LOVES Silverwood! Can’t wait to come and see the new show…looks fantastic!!

  • Rusti Wilson . June 14, 2023 . Reply

    Our family can’t wait for the water park.

  • Sariya . June 14, 2023 . Reply

    Going to Silverwood has always been a favorite core memory of mine when I was growing up and I’m excited to finally visit again and relive my childhood after so many years.

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