6 Tips On Letting Your Teens Enjoy the Park Safely

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Watching our younger children revel in the excitement of Silverwood is a joy, but as they grow into teenagers, in some ways, their love for the park only intensifies. They also crave a bit more independence, but it’s important to balance letting them enjoy their time and ensuring their safety. 

Silverwood has security personnel on staff to help ensure physical safety, roaming first aid personnel to help in case of medical situations, and the ride operators to help ensure each ride is enjoyed safely…but what about all the other times and situations? 

Here are some tips that we’ve used for keeping your teens safe while allowing them to make the most of their Silverwood experience:

1. Communicate

Start the conversation before even arriving at the park, during those rare moments when your teens are willing to engage in conversation with more than a single syllable. [If you have teens, you know.] Set clear expectations and establish specific meeting times for meals, train rides, or when it’s time to leave. This ensures that everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect.

2. Frequent check-ins

While at the park, make it a habit to check in with your teens regularly. Sending a random text to see how they’re doing. Keep in mind that they may not always respond immediately, especially if they are on a ride that doesn’t allow items in pockets, etc. So be patient with the response. 

3. Share a locker

When you rent a locker at Silverwood, share the locker number and code with your teens via text. This allows them to access their belongings, such as lunch, refillable cups, or wallets, whenever they need them. It’s a convenient way to ensure their essentials are safe and accessible throughout the day.

4. Waterproof Phone Pouches

If your teens plan to explore the Boulder Beachside, consider investing in waterproof phone pouches. These pouches protect their phones from water damage and allow them to check in easily without worrying about their devices getting wet. Conveniently located before the water at the Boulder Beach Trading Co, which you walk through to get to the Boulder Beachside. 

5. Load Money on Season Passes

If your teens have season passes, load them with money for food and drinks. This can be done from home, providing them with a convenient way to enjoy refreshments since Silverwood is cash-free. Alternatively, you can add funds at the park or use the bracelet payment system if you don’t have season passes. Easy to do at the Silverwood Coffee Roasting & Trading Co immediately after making your way through the gate [inside, to the right]. Any remaining balance can be cashed out as you exit the park.

6. Bring a friend

Encourage your teens to bring a friend along to Silverwood or to meet up with friends at the park. Having companions can enhance their enjoyment of the park and provide an additional layer of safety. It’s always more fun to explore theme parks with a friend!

By using these tips, you can help ensure that your teens have a safe and memorable experience at Silverwood while also granting them a level of independence. Let them embrace the excitement, make new memories, and enjoy their time at Silverwood!


Meet The Conductor

The Kuhn family (minus their two adult children) moved to northern Idaho in June of 2021. Between their teens and Evanna (who is six and a wheelchair user), they can be found at Silverwood on a very regular basis. They share a variety of topics on Evanna’s Facebook Community Group related to not only her disability, but her therapies, accessibility, her struggles, homeschooling, and family life. She’s also featured often on Scott’s Instagram and Tiktok.


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    Cant wait till October for scarrywood

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    We would love to win our 3 teens tickets!

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    My kids love it there! Great ideas!

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    Nice tips friends 👍🏼

  • Jenni Forman . July 31, 2023 . Reply

    Nice tips friends 👍🏼 I love getting to see Evanna’s adventures

  • Mallerie Moore . August 1, 2023 . Reply

    I don’t have a teen just yet, but will soon. Thanks for the tips! These are some great ideas.

  • Danell Elswick . August 1, 2023 . Reply

    Going for my Birthday on the 11th

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    Going there with my daughter and granddaughter on 11 August. Looking forward to our annual pilgrimage!

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    Cool, can’t wait to visit!

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