New Food Items To Try: High Moon Saloon and Kool Cactus

July 24, 2023.Ashley Farnsworth.4 Likes.5 Comments

There is no shortage of delicious, mouth-watering food at Silverwood. I like to plan my visits based off the food places that I HAVE to try. Here are two of them that need to be on your list!


High Moon Saloon


You’ll find this picturesque establishment near the train station. This quaint eatery offers a dining experience like no other. The moment you step into the saloon, it is like a step back into time. From the classic wood carved bar, the pressed tin ceilings, to the old-timey decor, it’s a blast to the past. The friendly staff adds to the welcoming atmosphere, making you feel right at home. It’s the perfect place to grab a cold drink and rest your feet.

The sliders are delicious! You have the choice of pulled pork or ham and swiss. I recommend getting an order of both, along with the hummus dip with pita and veggies. They are big enough to share with your family (which I did) but also yummy enough to keep to yourself. They are melt-in-your-mouth goodness. My kids devoured the sliders and slurped up the hummus. Any time I don’t have to force them to eat is a total win.


In addition to the sliders, you must try their root beer on tap! You also have the option of making it a root beer float. I am a bit of a root beer connoisseur and this one passed with flying colors. I shared with my kids, but next time I will be getting multiple cups so that I can have one to myself. It’s THAT good!



If I haven’t convinced you yet to make High Moon Saloon at the top of your Silverwood day agenda, I am about to get to the best part. It has a show! All ages will adore this funny, surprising, and toe-tapping production. It is a true variety show, and includes a multitude of entertainment including a mime, opera singer, magician, comedian and a villain! It is a half an hour well spent. The show times will be listed on a sign when you enter the park and I recommend arriving 15-30 minutes early to get a seat. The High Moon Saloon is a gem and will become a family fave!


Kool Cactus

This Mexican eatery is located ideally located midway between the large roller coasters and the little kid amusement rides. It can get a line every once in a while but that will be your cue to hop on another ride and circle around and you will likely have dodged the wait.

The menu is a pick-it-the-way-you-like-it type, such as burritos, bowls, or nachos. I have a weakness for nachos and could not resist. It was an easy choice for the kids to get the Souvenir Lunch Box. They were stoked to get a meal that is filled with kid favorites and also get to bring home a souvenir! That’s what I call a twofer. If you have a picky eater, the chicken strips with a side of crispy dippers is the way to go!



I continue to be amazed at the quality and quantity of the food at Silverwood. The meat is always excellent and the portion sizes are hearty. I also appreciate how easy it is to find healthy food. At the Kool Cactus, you have the option to have a large salad or burrito bowl made to your liking with the freshest ingredients.


Both the High Moon Saloon and Kool Cactus are worth making your list. Make a point of stopping at both – you will love them as much as our family!


Meet The Conductor

Hello there! My name is Ashley. I married my prince charming 10 years ago and we have 4 kids that are 7, 5, 3 and 1 years old. We just recently moved from Bothell, WA to Dalton Gardens to fulfill our homesteading dreams. Every year we have made the 5 hour trip to visit Silverwood theme park but now we live 15 minutes away and plan to take full advantage. At Silverwood, you will find me floating the lazy River with a giant soft serve in hand.


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  • Joseph Fulton . July 24, 2023 . Reply

    The food looks good, can’t wait to try it

  • Barbara . July 24, 2023 . Reply

    I had the
    Chicken strips and could not believe how juicy and tender they were! Not what you’d expect at a theme park!

  • Leslie . July 24, 2023 . Reply

    We always seem to miss the shows. I guess we try to squeeze to much into our day and then just get too tired to wait for the next showing. We usually start with a plan, but have a hard time sticking to it. The High Moon sounds like a great place to rest and relax while getting a chance to see a fun new show!

  • Jill Farnworth . July 25, 2023 . Reply

    Can’t wait to go! The place looks fun & the food yummy! Not at all what I’d expect at a family centered amusement park! 👍

  • Jill Farnworth . July 25, 2023 . Reply

    Can’t wait to go! The place looks fun & the food yummy!👍

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