A Comprehensive Guide to Silverwood Theme Park: Tips, Tricks, and Must-See Attractions

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Are you planning a trip to Silverwood Theme Park? Well, get ready for some fun!

First things first, let’s talk about the rides. Silverwood Theme Park boasts some of the most thrilling roller coasters in the Pacific Northwest. If you’re a daredevil, make sure to check out the Aftershock – a boomerang coaster that will have you going forwards and backwards at speeds of up to 65 mph. Another must-ride is the Timber Terror, a wooden coaster that will have you screaming with joy as you plummet down drops and whip around corners.

One ride that should not be missed at Silverwood Theme Park is Stunt Pilot. This exhilarating roller coaster takes you on a thrilling flight through the skies. Inspired by the daring aerobatics of stunt pilots, this ride combines loops, twists, and inversions that will leave you breathless. As you strap into your seat, prepare yourself for the heart-pounding takeoff and the sensation of soaring through the air. The high-speed drops and unexpected turns will keep you on the edge of your seat, while the smooth and immersive ride experience adds to the excitement.

Stunt Pilot is a true adrenaline rush that provides a unique and unforgettable experience for thrill-seekers of all ages. Make sure to add this incredible coaster to your must-ride list when visiting Silverwood Theme Park.

But if you’re not quite ready to take on the big ones, there are plenty of other rides for you to enjoy. The SpinCycle is a spinning ride that will have you feeling like you’re defying gravity. And for the little ones, there’s a plethora of rides. My littlest guy loves helicopters!

When it comes to food, Silverwood has got you covered. You’ll find everything from burgers and fries to funnel cakes and cotton candy. But if you’re looking for something a little more unique, make sure to stop by the Elephant Ears stand.

These giant, crispy pastries are topped with your choice of sweet or savory toppings – and they’re perfect for sharing (or not).

Now, let’s talk about some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your day at Silverwood Theme Park. First, make sure to arrive early. The park opens at 11am, but you’ll want to be there before then to avoid the lines at the entrance. Once you’re inside, head straight to the back of the park and work your way forward. This will help you avoid the crowds and make the most of your time. And if you’re traveling with a group, consider getting a group discount. The more people in your group, the more you’ll save on admission.


Bring sunscreen and hats: Silverwood is located in an open, sunny area, so be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and hats to protect your skin from the sun.

  • Wear comfortable shoes: The park covers a lot of ground, so wearing comfortable shoes is a must.
  • Plan your day: Silverwood is a large park with many attractions, so be sure to plan your day in advance to make the most of your time there. Be sure to check the park map and schedule for shows and events.
  • Bring snacks and water: While the park offers many food options, bringing your own snacks and water can save you money and keep your family fueled throughout the day.
  • Rent a locker: Renting a locker can be a great way to keep your valuables safe while you enjoy the park’s attractions.
  • Take advantage of the water park: Silverwood’s water park, Boulder Beach, is included with admission and is a great way to cool off on hot days.

Don’t forget to take a break and enjoy the scenery. Silverwood Theme Park is located in beautiful North Idaho, and there are plenty of opportunities to take in the views. The park is home to a beautiful lake, and there are plenty of picnic areas where you can relax and recharge.

Silverwood’s water park is the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day. The Boulder Beach Water Park is located inside Silverwood Theme Park and is included with your admission ticket.

With over a dozen water attractions, there’s something for everyone. For the thrill-seekers, make sure to check out the Velocity Peak – a racing slide that will have you going up to 55 mph. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, grab a tube and float down the lazy river.


But the water park isn’t just for the big kids – there’s plenty of fun for the little ones too. The Toddler Springs is a shallow play area with mini slides and interactive water features. And for the older kids, there’s the Rumble Falls – a slide with twists and turns that will have them giggling with delight.

So don’t forget to pack your swimsuit and sunscreen – the Boulder Beach Water Park is not to be missed!

In conclusion, Silverwood Theme Park is a must-visit destination for thrill-seekers and families alike. With its thrilling rides, delicious food, exciting water park and stunning views, it’s no wonder why so many flock to this park each year!


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  • Nataliya . August 21, 2023 . Reply

    Great tips!

  • Miranda . August 21, 2023 . Reply

    Really looking forward to our first trip this summer. How do I enter to win tickets?

  • Km Saw . August 21, 2023 . Reply

    ❤️ Love Silverwood with the family!

  • Morgan . August 22, 2023 . Reply

    We bring extra socks and flip flops so that when we get soaked by our teen on Bumper Boats we can change!

  • Leslie . August 22, 2023 . Reply

    This is a great tip guide!

  • Joseph Fulton . August 23, 2023 . Reply

    Under 50 days till Scarrywood

  • Gayle Douglas . August 23, 2023 . Reply

    We need to get there before Boulder Beach closes!

  • Chris . August 24, 2023 . Reply

    Looking forward to going again. Only been there once

  • Lacacia C . August 25, 2023 . Reply

    There are so many fun things for my kids in Silverwood. One day is never enough time to do it all!!
    We were just there in early August for a quick one day trip, and now we need to go back! We’re in Western WA and trying to make it over for the end of summer before next season. Looking forward to a cooler weekend in September.

  • Cassie . August 26, 2023 . Reply

    Can’t wait to take my grandkids

  • Ryan . August 27, 2023 . Reply

    Wearing comfy footwear should be a top priority for an enjoyable day

  • Ryan Heron . March 26, 2024 . Reply

    You’ve listed some really good tips here…it’s defiantly a worth while read.
    In my opinion, this was not only a good and essential read if you are a “STP Newbie”, but still a helpful one for those who are already a “STP Seasoned Vet”.
    I’m SUPER excited about making the trek down this summer for my first visit to STP, coming down from the Vancouver, BC, Canada area.
    Even though technically I’ll be a “STP Newbie”, this life long “Roller Coaster Freak” is actually very well seasoned…lol. Ever since my son was 6 (he’s now 23), on a regular basis throughout the years, we have been to numerous theme parks all over North America…he was hooked after his very first ride on the “Old Woody” here in Van City.

    The important point that im taking the long rad to get to is, as quite an experienced “Theme Park Thrill Seeker”, please trust me when I say this from my loads & loads of theme park experience, my #1 tip for spending a (good) day at STP is:
    Lots of different things can make it a good day, or not, but I guarantee if your feet hurt and you aren’t comfortable the whole time, it will be a very long day, for all the wrong reasons…or you’ve just wasted your time and money because it’s a very short one and leave early.
    Believe me, easily the #1 Tip…you’ll thank me for it.

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