The Silverwood Show: Ride to Riches – Avalanche Mtn

August 16, 2023.Stephanie Sampson.0 Likes.9 Comments

The Silverwood Show: Ride to Riches – Avalanche Mtn

In this episode of the Silverwood Show, Stephanie hops aboard Avalanche Mountain and asks some guests trivia questions in our latest installment of Ride to Riches.


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Comments (9)

  • Brittney . August 16, 2023 . Reply

    I can’t wait for our trip there next week!

  • Iphigenia . August 16, 2023 . Reply

    Had a great time with the kids last week!

  • Mandy Booher . August 16, 2023 . Reply

    Silverwood did not disappoint us last week! Even in the rain we had fun.

  • Gayle Douglas . August 16, 2023 . Reply

    We better get there soon!

  • Rusti Wilson . August 16, 2023 . Reply

    A water park sounds wonderful right now!

  • M Drescher . August 16, 2023 . Reply

    Can’t wait to go next week!

  • Joseph Fulton . August 16, 2023 . Reply

    Cant wait till scarrywood

  • Tracy Knecht . August 16, 2023 . Reply

    Amazeballs! We are coming to Idaho from British Columbia to visit Silverwood for 2 days on Aug 25/26th! Man, I’d love to get free tickets!!! Woot woot! We are coming with family who already have tickets and who invited us late in the game. This would be the icing on the cake!

  • Kalee . August 17, 2023 . Reply

    We would love to go to Silverwood before end of summer! Love everything about Silverwood especially the roller-coasters!

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