Maximizing Your Time on the Silverwood Side!

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Silverwood Theme Park has two very distinct sides: Silverwood (the more traditional rides, roller coasters, and carnival games) and Boulder Beach (the water side). 

After our two seasons living in the area, having season passes, and visiting often, here are some tips for maximizing your time on the Silverwood Side.

1.Go Early

Take advantage of the earlier part of the day. Boulder Beach, the water side of the park, closes at 7 pm, while the Silverwood side remains open until 10 pm. As Boulder Beach closes, there tends to be an influx of people heading to the Silverwood side. By arriving early, you can enjoy shorter lines and make the most of your time on the rides.


2.Go When It’s Hot

It sounds counterintuitive, but when it’s hot, fewer people are on the Silverwood side because people are cooling off at Boulder Beach. Besides, your definition of hot might be different…I met a family from Texas a couple of weeks ago and was explaining that our 85F or so temperatures that day counts as ‘hot’ and explained the lack of lines on the Silverwood side…they laughed and said for them at home, 110F was considered hot. 

Besides, even if it is hot, there are still a few rides that can help you cool off on the Silverwood side: Bumper Boats, Thunder Canyon, and Roaring Creek Log Plume. And for the little ones or those less tolerant of the heat, Evanna’s favorite spray bottles are always available. 

Or ice cream.

3. Take Different Paths

If you’re visiting Silverwood Theme Park with a group, especially if there are multiple adults and children, consider splitting up temporarily. Not in the relational sense, because this isn’t that kind of post or that kind of advice, but if you’re with a group, particularly multiple adults and multiple children, think about going in different directions with different kids, then swapping out. We’ve done this with our teens to do some Boulder Beach water rides while the other goes with the youngest to ride on the Silverwood side. Then later, trade out. This strategy allows everyone to have a great time without feeling rushed or restricted by different age groups’ preferences. 

Or having bored teens like this: 

4.Dedicate A Day To Each Side

If you have season passes or are planning on being at the park for multiple days, consider using all or most of one day for each side. This way, you can fully immerse yourself in the experiences offered by both the Silverwood and Boulder Beach areas. By allocating separate days, you’ll have more time to explore each side thoroughly, enjoy all the rides and attractions, and avoid feeling overwhelmed or rushed.

Bonus: If you’re REALLY a planner and REALLY want to maximize your time on the Silverwood side, schedule your visits before Boulder Beach opens up at the beginning of the season. See, for example, this year’s May calendar here.


Meet The Conductor

The Kuhn family (minus their two adult children) moved to northern Idaho in June of 2021. Between their teens and Evanna (who is six and a wheelchair user), they can be found at Silverwood on a very regular basis. They share a variety of topics on Evanna’s Facebook Community Group related to not only her disability, but her therapies, accessibility, her struggles, homeschooling, and family life. She’s also featured often on Scott’s Instagram and Tiktok.


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