Silverwood RV Park Full Review & Grounds Tour!

January 8, 2024.Matt and Kara Graham.1 Like.5 Comments

Please join us on this adventure as we take you to Athol, Idaho and continue our Silverwood series. If you’d like to see other videos in this series, check out our playlist here:    • Silverwood Theme Park 2023  

This was our first time staying at Silverwood RV Park and we really enjoyed our stay. Silverwood RV Park is right next door to Silverwood Theme Park and an easy walk or bike ride over.

Join us as we show you what this park has to offer including check in process, full sight tour, campground tour, amenities and MORE. Thank you so much to @silverwoodthemepark for having us out! If you enjoy location and travel content, and would to see more location adventures, please consider supporting our channel by subscribing here   / grahamventures  

Meet The Conductors

We are the Graham Family from the greater Seattle area. Our family includes Matt & Kara along with our 3 children Haylie (18), Holden (13), and Everly (6). We enjoy travel, adventure, and sharing our experiences with you on YouTube @grahamventures! Silverwood is a favorite of all of ours. We are most looking forward to hanging in the Lazy River, tackling Roller Coaster Alley and enjoying funnel cake!


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Comments (5)

  • Brittney . January 8, 2024 . Reply

    We love camping at Silverwoods RV park every summer!

  • Joseph Fulton . January 8, 2024 . Reply

    Thank you for the chance

  • Cass W . January 9, 2024 . Reply

    What a convenient way to visit the park!

  • Gayle Douglas . January 14, 2024 . Reply

    Best way to visit Silverwood, now I just need to get an RV. LOL

  • Leah . January 15, 2024 . Reply

    Loved the tour! Do you know when they usually start taking reservations?

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