Top 5 Perks of Renting A Boulder Beach Cabana

January 15, 2024.Alyssa Curnutt.1 Like.6 Comments

There’s no doubt that Boulder Beach offers endless opportunities to cool off on a hot summer day: racing down exhilarating water slides, vegging out in the Lazy River, and eagerly awaiting the tipping of the giant bucket in Polliwog Park. Another fantastic way to beat the scorching Pacific Northwest heat? Relaxing in a covered cabana. But what is it like to rent a cabana? What perks does it offer? I took one for the team and went on a mission to find out. Here are the top 5 perks of renting a Boulder Beach cabana:

1. Towels

The first perk of renting a Boulder Beach cabana became apparent as soon as we arrived. In the hustle and bustle of unloading our toddlers from the car, gathering our things, and getting inside the park… we forgot our towels in the car. On the walk to Boulder Beach, we were contemplating who was going to trek back out to the parking lot, but we were pleasantly surprised to find two towels waiting for us in the cabana! Each cabana comes with two Silverwood-embroidered towels that you get to take home. They are great mementos to help recall the fun memories you made “that day you got the cabana at Silverwood.”

2. Cabana attendant

Upon our arrival, our cabana attendant, Brian, kindly greeted us. Throughout the day, Brian and other attentive staff members frequently checked on us, asked if we needed anything, and saw how we were doing. When it was lunchtime, we simply placed our order when Brian walked by (aka no waiting in line!). Then we went into the wave pool for a bit and returned a short while later to our food waiting for us in the shady cabana. The service was great, and the convenience was unbeatable.

3. Fridge

When it’s 90-something degrees outside, hardly anything beats the refreshing feeling of ice-cold water. Each cabana has a mini-fridge that’s thoughtfully stocked with six bottles of water. We downed all of them during our day at the water park, and it was also nice to store our reusable water bottles from home in the fridge. Plus, the fridge is spacious enough to store leftovers or any other items purchased at Boulder Beach that you want to save for later.

4. Locked cabinet

You bring a lot of valuable items with you when you head to the water park: keys, phone, wallet, purse, etc. And when I am having fun in the water, I can’t help but have that lingering thought in the back of my mind: “I hope all my stuff is okay…”. It made me feel really secure having a locked cabinet. It’s extremely spacious, so we could securely store all of our valuables, as well as our clothes/shoes. The key for the lock came attached to a convenient coil wristband. My husband tucked the key in his swim trunks pocket, and we didn’t have to think about it again until it was time to access the cabinet! It’s a great feature that I hadn’t considered until I saw it, and I was grateful to have it.

5. Covered, dedicated “home base”

Around lunchtime, our daughters began feeling overwhelmed by the heat and nonstop fun. I greatly appreciated having a designated “home base” to come back to – a place where they could eat lunch at a table in the shade and relax a bit on the lounge chairs. It was the perfect opportunity for them to recharge their batteries and allow them to reset before continuing on with their day of fun.

Can you have fun at Boulder Beach without a cabana? Absolutely! But will renting a cabana enhance your experience, offer an escape from the sun’s harsh rays, and provide greater comfort/joy on your day of fun? It certainly did for us, and I think it will for you, too! 


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    This sounds great! Thanks for the info!

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    Can’t wait until the new season starts

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    Good info – thanks!

  • Mandy . March 17, 2024 . Reply

    Just booked accommodations! Our first time to Silverwood. Watching for cabana rentals!!

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