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Listen, I know we all think about it while in the park, but how do you prepare for that dreaded parent fear… a missing child.

It has happened to the best of us, and no judgment here. A day at Silverwood, it’s easy with all the excitement and anticipation; the kids get a little stir-crazy in the car ride and through the tunnel. Then you arrive, and madness ensues, but fret not, my friends. What you didn’t think of, they sure have. Did you know that the park has over 300 cameras and everyone is trained on safety measures? First off, let’s talk about what to do when you arrive at a situation like this.

1.     STAY CALM 


It can be traumatic, but in the event that your little one goes astray, please take a deep breath and stay cool. It helps find kids easier, and you can gather your thoughts

2.     Take a picture of your kids 

This is to make sure if you need to find them later on, you remember the color shirt they were wearing or had a hat on; in a panic, you’ll forget, and the security guards will ask for a description.

3.     Grab A  Name Bracelet

Fun fact…. Did you know when you get past the train, they have a booth for just this, writing your name and number so if your little one does get separated from you, they can get ahold of you. The best part is that this is a free resource.


If you have older kids and get separated from them, you need to have a designated spot to meet, whether at the gate, on a ride, or whatever it may be… BE SPECIFIC, like, “meet me at Chuckwagon at 3 pm if we get separated.” 

5.     Look Around the Immediate Area 

If it’s a matter of seconds, it’s likely your babe is only a few yards away; calmly look around to see if there are any possible distractions near you. Check alternative exits, as rides, restaurants, and restrooms could have multiple entryways.

6.     FIND HELP

 When you realize the kid is lost and you are now beyond concerned, there is help. Find a person in a blue, white, or grey Silverwood shirt and they will call it over the radio.

PRO TIP: Stay with the crew members during the search for your child. It can be nerve racking, but reunification happens much quicker when the cast member doesn’t have to find both the child and the parent. 

Know that Silverwood is secured; when a child goes missing, it is everyone looking for the child; if your child is separated from you, every crew member knows to look for kids who are alone and help those who are lost. According to their staff, they usually reunite the missing child with the parent very quickly, and  This is probably a parent’s worst fear in big public spaces, but as long as you know the drill, you’ll be good to go. Safety is Silverwoods’ top priority, on top of making sure you make countless memories while with your family.

Pro Tip:  if you’re at the water park and the bands get ruined, you should write your number on their arms Sharpie style. It stays on after a long day of swimming.

Also, make sure that you have your child memorize your phone number. It’s not only crucial for safety at the park but just in general.

You obviously want never to have to use this advice, but it’s crucial to know because if you could pass valuable information to someone who might possibly be in this boat one day. Always be mindful of your surroundings and make sure your kids are too; I tend to bribe our kiddos with all the snacks the park has to offer; the ice cream, kettle corn, cakes, and refillable soda are all theirs if they stick to mama like glue and boy let me tell you it is worth it when I walk out those doors and have the kids with me no accidents … mama earned a cinnamon roll at the exit.

So while summer is here and kids are wild, enjoy every bit of coming to the park, and be ready for a rootin’ tootin’ time. 


Meet The Conductor

Rochelle Durruthy is a San Diego transplant in the great Pacific Northwest, living and exploring in Spokane Washington, she is a content creator for her lifestyle blog, when she isn’t busy creating content she’s helping her fiancé and his renovation business and chasing their two children around, this year we added puppies to the mix. Always ready to conquer a new adventure Rochelle and her family are excited to share all the fun things to do at Silverwood  with you all.


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    We just can’t wait for the summer to get here so we can get to Silverwood!!!

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    I never knew that silverwood had safety bracelets! That is something I’ll definitely use this summer! Thank you 😊

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    Great reminders!

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    I never knew they had the kid bracelet option.

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