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It’s no secret that the key to a successful Silverwood trip is just a bit of forethought and pre-planning. Sure, it takes some extra time upfront to think thru all the things, but I promise it’s MORE THAN worth it for a stress-free, memory-full time with your family and friends. 


So, without further ado, here are my top tips for making your time at Silverwood just a little bit easier:

Purchase Your Tickets Online *Before* You Arrive Rather Than At The Ticket Counter

If you are planning to visit Silverwood more than once during the season, there are special deals for 2 and 3-day tickets that will save you even more money, so be sure to check those out!!! Or if you live locally and are planning to make Silverwood practically your 2nd home, then consider getting a season pass. 



Plan on bringing A Stroller or Wagon with You 

The obvious reason is for a place to safely contain kiddos in between the different attractions at the park, have them sit down for a water or snack break, and also get in a quick nap to recharge before jumping back into the fun rides. If you are interested in renting a stroller, head to the Information center after you’ve gotten through the front gate. They have some you can rent!


Even if you don’t have littles, though, it’s an amazing thing to have access to. It’s a GREAT stuff holder. Why try juggling, holding all the randomness when you can just pile it high and push away?!


 Pick Up Some Swimsuits

Next up on the list is swimsuits. A trip to Silverwood just wouldn’t be complete without visiting Boulder Beach too!

No matter the age or swimming ability of each person in your family, there’s a fun place for everyone. The lazy river and splash pad are our favorite spots!!!


 Find A Squirt Bottle/Fan Combo

On those hotter days, don’t forget to bring some type of squirt bottle/fan combo. These are handy because they are lightweight, so they are easy to tote around but also incredibly refreshing when standing in line for a ride, especially for the moments when you’re in direct sunlight.

Also, these battery-powered fans that attach directly to the stroller do a fantastic job of keeping the littles cool while they ride or nap along.


 Pick Up Snacks




Seriously, you’d be amazed at what a difference an abundance of sustenance will do for a person, especially for the small people. The great thing is that you can bring whatever food items you want into the park (excluding alcohol & anything in glass containers), so you can cater to any food allergies or preferences your family may have.


Reusable water bottles will be your best friend!!!

Staying well hydrated is super duper vital. Nobody wants to miss out on rides because they are dehydrated, right?!

You can go up to any of the food locations around the park to get an unending supply of refreshing and cooling ice water. 

 Leave The Cash At Home

An important thing to note is that Silverwood is a 100% cashless park. All registers are equipped to handle common credit and debit cards as well as contactless forms of payment like Apple Pay or Google Pay. Or, if you’d prefer, you can pre-load a cash card or waterproof wristband instead at any point of sale location within the park. This is a fantastic idea for any teens who want to venture off to explore the park by themselves but will need access to food or game funds. Not to worry, these options are both photo protected in the event of loss or theft. Any additional funds can be added mid-day if you run out. At the end of your visit, any remaining balance can easily be returned to the original payment method.

 Plan On Arriving Early

My # 1 tip is probably to plan on arriving at the parking lot about 45 minutes *before* Silverwood opens. I know that might seem like a little overboard, but here’s why…The parking lot tends to fill up rather quickly, so if you get there much later, you’ll end up having to park way out in wonderland, which is the last thing your family will want to do after a long, tiring day…walk for forever to get back to the car. Plus, once you get a close parking spot, you can take your time to unload the car, apply sunscreen, gather your bags, walk to the bathrooms outside the front gate, and not have to stand in line to scan your tickets with the rest of the crowds. (Bonus Tip: You can enter the park before the opening time and get a spot on the train as your 1st ride of the day!)


I hope these little tidbits of information were helpful!!!

Let me know in the comments below if you have any “musts” when visiting Silverwood! 


Meet The Conductor

My name is Emma! I love a good iced coffee, and love Jesus even more. While I’m currently rocking the city life in Post Falls, Idaho, my dream is to one day raise my own family on a little homestead. In this season, you’ll find me spending my days pouring into the lives of the sweet kiddos I nanny, running my home business making non-toxic playdough, enjoying lots of quality time with friends, loving on the precious little ones I’m currently fostering, or sharing my passion for all things holistic living. If y’all want to follow the daily adventures of my crazy, exciting, blessed life, you can do so here


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  • Bryan C . April 16, 2024 . Reply

    We are so excited to vist Silverwood Theme Park!!

  • Jessica . April 16, 2024 . Reply

    A silverwood must bring item would be a camera/phone for all the smiles and fun that will be captured there! 🙂

  • Danell Elswick . April 16, 2024 . Reply

    Great job Emma! I don’t know how you have the time to do this but I love that Silverwood invests in such great conductors!

  • Tasha G . April 17, 2024 . Reply

    So excited to visit this summer. Thanks for the tips

  • Jacob Hartley . May 4, 2024 . Reply

    This place is super nice and beautiful and fun you will have lots of fun here with all the rides and games and there is no shortage on food and fun

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