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All right guys, so I’m going to share with you the most important items to bring to Silverwood and Boulder Beach. Are you ready? Come with me while we dive in and talk about what is acceptable to bring into the park and what you might want to leave at home or in your car!

So first and foremost, before you leave your house, you might be thinking… I don’t know if I want to eat amusement park food! That is a very naughty idea. The food here is phenomenal. I can’t wait to get in line and get me a barbecue sandwich! But if you would like to pack food you can actually pack a cooler. Do you know what kind of cooler is acceptable to come in to the park? Let me tell you.


A soft sided cooler 12 inches or smaller is allowed into the park


So if you have a baby that needs some milk or are you are like me and enjoy a little snack in between rides pack them up, bring them in because that is allowed!


So while we’re on the topic of caring things, did you know that you can bring a wagon into the park or a push stroller? It’s great if you have Littles keeping you on your toes. It’s wonderful to have to store all your things while you’re on rides.


A backpack is essential! I keep all the goods in here because I am a mom of two. I carry extra clothes, my sunglasses, sunblock, and all other essentials that you need while on a trip. Don’t worry! Every ride has a place for you to put your things.


* You can also rent a locker at various locations throughout the park*


This one is kind of tricky. You might want to bring a camera… but you also have one on your phone. I know certain people enjoy the quality of a good digital camera, or maybe even a camcorder if you’re built in the 90s like I am. But bring it in!


Now that you know what you can bring, let’s talk about what you can’t….

Alcoholic beverages / GLASS🚫

Absolutely no outside alcoholic beverages are allowed in the park. Please be mindful of that when you’re packing your snacks and getting your things aligned to bring in. Their security team checks bags when you enter the park. So don’t try to be sneaky. This also means no containers made of glass.


Plus, did you know that the Park has amazing options for beer seltzers? My favorite are the slushies at the lazy river. They offer an alcohol or non alcohol version.


Floaties 🚫

You got a pizza floaty? That’s cool!

You got a donut floaty? That’s even sweeter!

But they are not allowed in the waterpark so please leave them back at the hotel at your house.

** however a USCG approved life jacket is always welcome for your little ones wear in the park


If you ever have any questions about what’s allowed in the park and this did not really serve you with all the knowledge that I know I gave you please head to the website at https://link.edgepilot.com/s/2cb512db/R6b9AVwt4EuF0hDLvgosig?u=http://www.silverwood.com/frontgatesafety to answer more of your needs


But if you have all the things, check them twice off your list, come inside and let’s hang out because I know you’ll either find me eating a cinnamon roll drink in my drinks floating in a river but if you see me, shoving my face with sliders what’s the other way any other time by all means say hi


But that’s all I’ve got for you today guys so enjoy your day at Silverwood

With love, Rochelle


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Rochelle Durruthy is a San Diego transplant in the great Pacific Northwest, living and exploring in Spokane Washington, she is a content creator for her lifestyle blog, when she isn’t busy creating content she’s helping her fiancé and his renovation business and chasing their two children around, this year we added puppies to the mix. Always ready to conquer a new adventure Rochelle and her family are excited to share all the fun things to do at Silverwood  with you all.


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  • Ashley C . May 27, 2024 . Reply

    We are hoping to visit the park this year.

  • Gayle Douglas . May 27, 2024 . Reply

    Definitely ready to get back to Silverwood!

  • Nami . May 27, 2024 . Reply

    Me and my dad are hoping to this father’s day weekend

  • Dana . May 27, 2024 . Reply

    Excited to visit someday with my own kids!

  • Reid . May 27, 2024 . Reply

    Going in August, can’t wait to see the new waterslides!

  • emgee1500 . May 27, 2024 . Reply

    I’m not sure about insider tip since I haven’t been to Silverwood in 9 years, but when we did go we always did the waterpark first and then rides in the afternoon.

  • Bryan C . May 27, 2024 . Reply

    Summer fun is so close!!!

  • Cass W . May 27, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait to visit!

  • Chrisanna Day . May 27, 2024 . Reply

    My family absolutely LOVES Silverwood!!!!!!!

  • Whit . May 28, 2024 . Reply

    Such useful info for someone that hasn’t been to the park since 2002 and Will finally be going back in August!

  • Scooter . May 28, 2024 . Reply

    So excited to be visiting in a few weeks!! Love the helpful tips…thanks!

  • Beth C. . May 28, 2024 . Reply

    We can’t wait to visit the park this summer.

  • Karli . May 28, 2024 . Reply

    Bring an insulated water bottle to stay hydrated all day

  • Matt . May 29, 2024 . Reply

    I plan on visiting Silverwood this July with my family. It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve been! I’m really looking forward to it!

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