Coaster Classic: What the Draw?

May 20, 2024.Scott Kuhn.1 Like.9 Comments

The annual Coaster Classic at Silverwood is always a great time to visit the Park. But what’s the draw? Let’s dive in:

Perfect Timing

The classic is over Labor Day weekend, which is the last weekend that the Boulder Beach side is open, and the start of the Silverwood side is going to weekends only through the following three weeks. 

You get to see a LOT of cool cars. 

You Get To Hear Stories That Go With The Cars

This car, for example. We’d talked to the family last year and had another person start telling us about it this year…but the hot rod was inherited by a now-14-year-old from his grandfather. (We didn’t run into the kid this year, but last year, it was easy to see it meant a lot to him and was a huge source of pride).

The owner added the line about trunk size to see how many people actually read past the Year and Model info…sadly, not many did. But the story was hilarious! 

You Get To Meet Some Very Nice People

We were just rolling along looking at the cars when approached by the owners of this car, asking if Evanna wanted to sit inside one. What a treat! She got to sit in a 1930s Chevy street rod, and I got to hear a bit about the family’s own experience with disability. 

Kids Enjoy Themselves Too

If you have kids, I HIGHLY recommend walking through the cars with them. You may discover, like I did, that their favorites are a little different but amazing to see! 🤣

Check the Silverwood schedule and make sure to register for this event starting on June 2nd! 


Meet The Conductor

The Kuhn family (minus their two adult children) moved to northern Idaho in June of 2021. Between their teens and Evanna (who is six and a wheelchair user), they can be found at Silverwood on a very regular basis. They share a variety of topics on Evanna’s Facebook Community Group related to not only her disability, but her therapies, accessibility, her struggles, homeschooling, and family life. She’s also featured often on Scott’s Instagram and Tiktok.


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  • Bryan C . May 20, 2024 . Reply

    I can’t believe we are less than a month away from our summer vacation starting!!!

  • Kristin . May 20, 2024 . Reply

    My son has been more interested in cars. He would love to check this out.

  • Joseph Fulton . May 20, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait unti June 28th

  • HawkPhan . May 20, 2024 . Reply

    Our family just booked travel to come back to the Park at the end of June! Too bad we will miss the car show, but still excited to see the new area of Boulder Beach! 🙂

  • Gayle Douglas . May 20, 2024 . Reply

    We are so ready for silverwood fun!

  • Ashley C . May 20, 2024 . Reply

    We saw the classic cars with our kids a few years ago. Really neat to check out!

  • Cass W . May 20, 2024 . Reply

    This looks so fuN!

  • Jeff . May 21, 2024 . Reply

    Loooovve silverwood

  • Elizabeth H. . May 22, 2024 . Reply

    I LOVE all the family memories we make at Silverwood!

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