Slip, Slide, and Review: Kid Tested Fun On Salmon Run

June 17, 2024.Alyssa Curnutt.1 Like.9 Comments

Everyone is talking about Silverwood’s new and exciting Emerald Forest expansion in Boulder Beach. Eagle Hunt is getting a lot of the buzz (understandably), but another part of the expansion has all the mamas talkin’: because Salmon Run has entered the chat.

Boulder Beach is well-known for its exhilarating water slides: racing down the Riptide Racer, the stomach drop of Velocity Peak, tubing down Rumble Falls; and now little adventure seekers get their fun with eight new, colorful water slides in Salmon Run! There are slides with twists and turns, slides that cascade you into water at the finish, and slides with bumps to go over.

I love the length of these slides, too: they are a great step up for kids looking for a little more pizzazz beyond the splash pad (more on that in a second!), yet aren’t quite ready for the “big kid” slides. The slides are between 36 to 82 feet long, and I’d say they are the perfect length for riders ages 2-8. Several of them are a great, calm speed for littles who are just starting to venture onto water slides.

The Chinook slide was voted the favorite by both of my girls. It’s a wide, blue slide that allows mom or dad to join in on the fun (with riders smaller than 54”). There’s a bump in the middle that allows you to catch a little speed as you cruise into the pool of water at the end. The Chinook ride resulted in a giggle fit (from both my girls and me!) every time we went down.

The slides aren’t the only new addition to Salmon Run, though: there’s also a new splash pad! It’s a lot more subdued than Toddler Springs (the splash pad on the other side of Boulder Beach). There are small bubbling geysers coming from boulders and the ground, and a couple of tipping buckets. It’s really open, spacious, and a great space for kiddos to cool off and have some low-key fun in the water.

If that wasn’t great enough, there are also over a dozen new cabanas that surround Salmon Run. It’s a great way to catch some shade, but still have the ability to keep eyes on the kids while they run around in the splash pad or jet down the water slides. (I rented a cabana last year, and can’t recommend it enough. Read about the perks of getting a cabana here)

The Salmon Run really was a much-needed piece of Boulder Beach – that I didn’t even realize was missing until we had it! It’s a TON of fun for little water fans and offers a little reprieve from the craziness inside Polliwog Park (if you know you know). The next time you head to Boulder Beach, make sure to check the new area out…and maybe snag a cabana, too!


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  • Beth C. . June 17, 2024 . Reply

    This looks so much fun!!

  • Gayle Douglas . June 17, 2024 . Reply

    perfect for the little ones!

  • Scooter . June 17, 2024 . Reply

    Looks awesome! Heading to the park in a couple weeks and the kids are sooo excited for the new waterslide section of Boulder Beach!

  • Mary T. . June 17, 2024 . Reply

    I can’t wait to come back to Silverwood this year! It has been one of our favorite activities since we moved here, 10 years ago!

  • Haley G . June 18, 2024 . Reply

    I can’t wait to hopefully bring my three year old this summer!!! She would love it 😀

  • Sarah M . June 19, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait to check it out with my kiddos later this summer. Thanks for this update!

  • Cass W . June 21, 2024 . Reply

    So excited to check out the new slides!

  • Jeff . June 21, 2024 . Reply

    New kids area looks fun!

  • Jaclyn . June 22, 2024 . Reply

    I can’t wait to take my kids this summer!

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