Silverwood’s Courtesy Pass Program

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Here at Silverwood we take pride in the fact that we have something for everyone to enjoy. It is our goal each and every day to make sure that each guest has a happy and memorable experience during their visit. It is from that goal that the Courtesy Pass Program was created.

We want to provide a safe and fair access to all of our guests. This program is available to any guest with a disability that cannot wait in line or cannot access the ride through the main entrance. Anyone that wants to participate in this program just needs to go to the Information Center once they get into the park, located in the middle of the large grassy area across from the Train Depot. There they will get additional instructions.

Riding rides can be a daunting task for our guests with disabilities, and it is natural to want to know how the program works in order to ensure a successful day at the park. Here are some scenarios that one might experience and how the pass works.

We want to ensure our disabled guests are still able to experience the rides with their loved ones, so we created a few different ways that make it easier on everyone.

For a group total of 6 or less:
1. Go to a rides alternative boarding entrance, usually the rides exit, and speak with the ride operator and let them know you are using the Courtesy Pass Program.
2. Provide the “Courtesy Pass Wait Time” card to the operator.
3. The Ride Operator will let you and your group ride as soon as possible.
4. The Ride Operator will return the “Courtesy Pass Wait Time” card, and will have the next boarding time written down.
a. The next boarding time that is written down by the ride operator is the next time that immediate boarding through a rides exit may be used with the courtesy pass.

For a group of 7 or more:
1. If the guest has more than 5 accompanying riders, have additional riders wait in the main line.
2. The courtesy pass holder should go to the alternate entrance and let the ride operator know that riders from your group are waiting in line and that you would like to ride with them.
3. As the group approaches the front of the line, inform the ride operator, who will allow the courtesy pass holder and up to 5 accompanying riders to join the rest of the group through the alternate entrance.

Boulder Beach works a little differently than the theme park side. In Boulder Beach the most accessible entrance is through the main entrance of each attraction. Please ask any lifeguard to call for a supervisor if you need assistance with accessibility or would like to arrange a boarding time.

Most of the time, you can expect to go through the exit of most of the rides as your alternative entrance. However, there are a few exceptions.
● Old Engine #7: If needed, please speak to the platform attendant to arrange a boarding time. There is wheelchair access on the side of the Train Depot.
● Thunder Canyon: Boarding at this attraction is through the main entrance line. If a boarding time is required, bypass the line on the left side of the queue line and speak to the operator at the loading station.
● Roaring Creek AKA “The Log Ride”: The alternative entrance is through the marked sliding door on the side of the building between the entrance and the exit.
● Aftershock: Please wait at the bottom of the exit ramp at the wooden gate, and an operator will come down to speak with you.

Wheelchair Use
Rides are accessible by wheelchair transfer. See the ride attendant for instructions on where to store your wheelchair at each attraction. However, the train is accessible without a transfer. The accessible entrance is near the back of the train, and is marked on the fence. Thunder Canyon is also another unique location. Thunder Canyon loads and unloads from two separate stations. As you near the front of the line, inform the ride attendant and we will bring your wheelchair to the unload station for you.

If you have any other questions or still aren’t sure on how the pass works, please give us a call at 208-683-3400. We would be happy to help you plan your trip and make your day as fun as possible. If you would like additional information about park accessibility, you can visit our accessibility guide on our website.



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  • Libby Myles Olsen . May 23, 2018 . Reply

    We go as a family to silverwood every summer, we keep building by inviting more and more friends and family each year, We are from Montana but my brother lives in Spirit Lake so it makes for a great get together. I worked in Spokane when silverwood first opened several years ago and my work always had their summer BBQ there and after my husband was killed, I have made it a yearly event for my kids and myself and it will be a tradition as long as they are operating. You guys are an amazing place to let loose and let the kids go off and do their thing, never having to worry about not meeting up with them later on. I love the facebook updates and emails about new features etc. Thank you for always keeping us informed and for being there while my kids and I have moved forward after the tragedy of losing their dad.

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