We are beaming with pride knowing that we are well known for our family friendly atmosphere here at Silverwood Theme Park. Striving for this is a goal of ours each and every day, and because of this, our guests feel safe here. We want to maintain this safe feeling any way possible so today we want to share some tips for you if you are bringing a small child into the park. Sometimes children can wander off in their excitement and it can be scary for parents when their child is out of sight for even a second. These tips will hopefully help you avoid this scenario or reunite with your child as soon as possible if you were to become separated.

Take A Picture

Right when you get to the park, take a picture of your child. Not only will you be capturing everlasting memories, but you will make it easier for our team to find your child. We want to know how old they are, what their name is, where they were last seen, what they were wearing, and any other general information on what they look like. So if you have a photo of them from that day, that’s even better!

Phone number

Write your phone number on your child’s arm or wrist. This tip is especially important if your child is too young to know your phone number. But we have even seen children that freeze in this particular circumstance and forget. This is one of those tips that it’s better to do it and just hope that your child never gets put into that situation. Families can also stop by our Information Center to get a wristband with your cell phone number to give your child. During your visit, if your child becomes separated, staff can easily call the parents to reunite them. There are also safety temporary tattoos that you can get specifically for your trip. These can be found on etsy or amazon.

Recognizing Employees

Take a minute at some point to show your child what an employee looks like at the park. If your child somehow does get separated from you, it’s best for them to go directly to one of us versus           wandering around the park looking for youThere are various uniforms throughout the park, but all of us wear name tags. Here is a photo of our typical attire.

Staying Engaged

A huge component to avoiding these situations is to keep a lookout for your kiddos as much as possible. They may get excited and may want to run off, but anticipating their next move and           being one step ahead might help avoid separation. If you are unable to come with your child, for their safety, we recommend all children under the age of 11 be accompanied by someone 16 or             older.

Remain Calm, Stay With Staff

We understand that having your child out of your sight for even a second can be scary. Our staff is specifically trained to reunite parents and children as soon as possible, and following their          instructions is very important. Your first reaction might be to run around the park and look for your child. But our team wants you to stay with our security personnel in the event. That way                when we do find your child, we can reunite you. Otherwise, we just have a lost parent on the loose!

Please know that there aren’t a lot of lost children at the park on a daily basis, and when these incidents do occur, it doesn’t take long for our staff to reunite these families. Cast members have radios, and the moment that we find out a child is lost, it is announced on all radio channels. It never hurts to be prepared for these things, and we just want everyone at our park to be as safe as possible. If you have any additional tips and tricks for other parents, please comment down below!



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  • Tara Severson . June 1, 2018 . Reply

    Love all the employees in the younger kids area. They make my little ones feel so special.

  • Jody . June 1, 2018 . Reply

    We can’t wait to visit for the first time this summer!

  • Stephanie . June 1, 2018 . Reply

    The wrist bands are a great idea! That will be perfect for our trip later this month! Thank you!

  • Tiffany . June 1, 2018 . Reply

    Very informative and useful info.

  • Erin Creagh . June 1, 2018 . Reply

    Excellent information – thanks for sharing.

  • Michelle Schultz . June 1, 2018 . Reply

    The tip on taking a pic right when you get there is a good one to remember!! Scary to think, but if your child were to get lost or even worse, Kidnapped! It’s good to have a current photo of them to make the search easier. Showing everyone what the color of their shirt is, etc.

  • Lindsay Polk . June 1, 2018 . Reply

    Thanks for the helpful information!

  • Rusanne Modeland . June 1, 2018 . Reply

    Thank you Silverwood for all of the tips! I found some temporary tattoo pens at Target. They are GREAT for writing your phone number or other important information on your child in case of separation. I’ve used that idea already at a few parades and other populated events!

  • Blanca . June 1, 2018 . Reply

    Very informative and useful info

  • Sherrie Colbert . June 1, 2018 . Reply

    Wristbands definitely a great idea!

    • Misty . June 5, 2018 . Reply

      We did the wrist bands last year the stag were great

  • Warren . June 1, 2018 . Reply

    Great advice! Thank you!

  • Vanessa Ambriz . June 1, 2018 . Reply

    Wow. This is so useful since I have had this happen to me with my lil boy at Disneyland in December. It’s a scary thing and I really appreciate the tips. Thank you so much.

  • Teresa. A . June 2, 2018 . Reply

    These are some great tips. We’ll definitely be sure to use them on our trip!

  • Meisha . June 2, 2018 . Reply

    What a winderful thing for you all to share truly a family friendly park

  • Sandra Moreno . June 2, 2018 . Reply

    Great advice. I hope to take my kid brother here, and Ill definitely make sure to follow these safety steps.

  • Crystal . June 2, 2018 . Reply

    I’ve never been to the park so I don’t know anyone that needs recognition. I do however really appreciate the help in the blog.

  • Roxanne Dugger-Martinez . June 2, 2018 . Reply

    I haven’t been to the park yet so I can’t comment on an employee but I am really excited to try and make the trip from southern Idaho this summer. It looks like an amazing place to have fun.

  • Mindy . June 3, 2018 . Reply

    Silverwood staff are the best! Always friendly and helpful!

  • Tanya . June 3, 2018 . Reply

    When my kids were younger, I hand-made stretchy bracelets for them to wear – each bead on the bracelet had a number on it and I put them in order of my phone number. We taught them to go to a cast member and show them the bracelet if they got lost; so that I could be called on my cell phone.

  • Tain . June 3, 2018 . Reply

    Haven’t had a chance to go in years, would love the opportunity to go again

  • Alison . June 4, 2018 . Reply

    We are excited for our first visit, customer service has been great answer all my questions, as I have a son with dairy allergies, so trying to find options for him. Thanks

  • Lisa . June 5, 2018 . Reply

    My family and I are SUPER excited to visit Silverwood this summer, we have never been before, but from the commercials and pictures it looks like SOOOOO much fun, we can’t wait!!!!

  • Samantha Wooten . June 29, 2018 . Reply

    When I was a child and split off from our parents around the park we had walkie talkies so no need to worry about contacting each other if our cell batteries died.

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