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2019 Guide to Saving Big at Silverwood

April 23, 2019.Kelsey Steffen.7 Likes.19 Comments

Let’s face it; I’m a thrifty mom. If there’s a trip I’m going to take, clothes I’m going to buy or a thingamabob I want to purchase, I need to know I am getting the absolute best deal possible.

I’ll shop around, search different stores and websites and even wait a few months in hopes of a sale or a thrift store find.

Why would a trip to our local theme park be any different?

If you’re planning a trip to the Northwest region of the United States this year, a trip to Silverwood in beautiful North Idaho should definitely be on the itinerary. Maybe you’re lucky enough to call the Northwest your home? In which case, season tickets ought to be on your annual radar!

Whether you plan to come once, or weekly, I am going to share my insider tips for all the best deals and Silverwood discounts, plus where and when to buy your tickets for the best deals. (Hint: Don’t wait to buy your ticket at the front gate!)


Silverwood Theme Park Discount Ticket Specials


I know what you’re thinking… a special discount day is sure to bring in an extra large crowd, but if it means you get to visit the park vs. not getting to visit the park? The crowd is worth it! (INSIDER TIP: if the weather isn’t cooperating, the park won’t be so packed!)


Here are the deals for the upcoming 2019 season (mark your calendars!):


    • Early Bird 1 – Day Admission Ticket: Ending May 3 – $42 per person (valid any day during the 2019 season)
    • Early Bird 2 – Day Admission Ticket: Ending May 3 – $75 per person (valid any two days during the 2019 season)
    • Silverwood Anniversary: May 4 & 5 – $19.88 per person (WOW! We’ll be there!)
    • Mothers Day weekend: Moms get in FREE! -Woot!
    • Kids Ages 3-7 Get in FREE: May 18 – 19 – Youth get in FREE (With purchase of an adult ticket)
    • American Heroes Weekend: May 25 – 27 – Police, Fire, Military get in FREE (Spouse and kids get a discount rate.)
    • Fathers Day weekend: Dads get in FREE!
    • Grandparents Day weekend: September 7-8, Grandparents get in FREE

Click Here to Save Big!

Also important to know is that starting June 8th, those who visit the park after 4 p.m. receive a discounted ticket of $30. Boulder Beach closes after 7 pm, so you’ll have a couple of hours to enjoy the water and then head straight for the roller coasters and enjoy the cool evening Theme Park offerings. Have you seen Silverwood at night? The Park literally lights up! Watching all of the glistening lights with the sound of roller coasters rushing past is an experience everyone must have at least once in their lifetime!


Children 2 and under are always FREE, Seniors and youth (ages 3-7) get discounted rates. Children and adults (ages 8-64) are regular general admission (unless otherwise noted above). Click here to purchase tickets and see current prices.


Silverwood is so much fun for all ages; it’s truly a place that brings out the kid in all of us. Bring the grandparents (for FREE September 8 & 9!) It’s a great way to bond and close up that generational gap. Also know there are plenty of shady benches located throughout the park where Grandparents can sit down, relax and watch the fun. If you want to make a day at Silverwood even more affordable, have the Grandparents take your kiddos May 18 & 19 when kids (ages 3-7) get in for free. Seniors (ages 65+) get a discounted rate, so these savings are huge compared to regular prices! Sure, that means you don’t get to go… but make sure you mark Mother’s Day and Father’s Day weekend on the calendar and get your FREE admission ticket then (with or without the kids!).


Where Can You Buy the Cheapest Silverwood Tickets?


It may surprise you, but the Silverwood website (and social channels) offer the best deals on tickets! This is not always so when it comes to big theme parks. As a family-owned business, Silverwood takes priority in making sure guests have the opportunity to save big! I’ve seen first hand how Silverwood goes above and beyond for all of their guests. As I mentioned before, you’ll want to subscribe to the Silverwood Newsletter and also follow them on Facebook and Instagram as they occasionally offer ticket giveaways, share special deals and give insider tips and tricks!! Thanks, Silverwood!!!


Costco Silverwood Tickets?


As far as I’m aware, Silverwood won’t be offering discount deals through Costco anymore. This is such a frequently asked question, but don’t despair, I’ve been told that since these deals are no longer offered, Silverwood is constantly running EVEN BETTER sales and deals with their followers through social media and their website. Insider scoop: the deal with Costco saved buyers $8 and Silverwood’s Early Bird Sale (this year ending May 3rd) saves buyers $11 off 1-day and 2-day tickets (Costco never offered 2-day tickets)! 


Can I Buy Silverwood Water Park or Theme Park Tickets Separately?


In short, no. However, on the bright side, you essentially get two parks for the price of one!

Helpful Hint: Ticket prices are cheaper in May and September when the water park is closed.

I’ll be the first (but certainly not the only) one to say that the ticket prices are worth it, even if you choose to spend your entire day at only one section of the park. (This is also why we recommend the best deal of a two-day ticket and splitting your time between the two parks that way.) There’s definitely enough to do for two full days of park fun! (And if you subscribe to the Silverwood newsletter I’ll be sharing more park deals, tips, and secrets throughout the season!)


What About Promo Codes?

You can search for Silverwood Ticket promo and coupon codes, but it’s tough to really know whether or not you’ll find honest results. As I mentioned before, you can always be sure of what you are buying by purchasing your tickets online directly from Typically promo codes are reserved for groups of 15 or more that have booked an outing.


Silverwood RV Park Discounts


If you plan to stay at the Silverwood RV park (INSIDER TIP: You can tent camp at the RV Park, too!) you can get discounted tickets to the park. They also happen to offer free Wi-Fi, a picnic table and fire ring at each site, laundry facilities, play structure, volleyball court,  bathrooms and showers, and the best part of all is its walking distance to Silverwood Theme Park.

Staying at the RV park works well if you have little ones, especially those who still do best with a daily nap. You can walk back to your campsite, have lunch, take a little nap and then go back to enjoy the park for the rest of the evening.

Seeing the park lit up at night is a definite must!

How Much do Silverwood Tickets Cost?


As you can see, ticket prices vary throughout the year. If I haven’t answered your question about ticket prices by now, your best bet is to go directly to the Silverwood website. All of their current rates are listed and buying through the website is easy. You can create an account and purchase your tickets online. This makes it a breeze once you get to the park.


Plan Ahead and Save Next Year! 

If you want Silverwood season passes, what time of year is the best time to buy them? Definitely by the end of February of that year!

Your best bet to save money is to buy tickets online during the offseason. Some of the best deals and lowest prices of the year can be found in the pre-season! Mark your calendars because Silverwood discount tickets on season passes will roll around again next year in September!

Early Bird Specials, Christmas Specials and Garfield Specials are offered annually. You’ll want to be sure you subscribe to the Silverwood Newsletter, so you don’t miss this great deal for the 2020 season!

The Early Bird special goes from September to mid-November, Christmas specials wrap up by the end of December, and the Garfield Special cutoff is usually at the end of February.

The Garfield Special is the deal our family takes advantage of each year. Since we have a large family of 6 we get an additional $6 off each ticket (discounts available for packages of 5+ season passes). Our total savings is $300 ($50 off each season pass! This meant two of our kids essentially got their season passes for FREE!). That’s definitely something worth planning for! (PSA – Grandparents typically LOVE buying their grandkids experiences over gifts! Put a bug in their ear to start planning for next year!)

Silverwood’s Read 2 Ride Program

When my family first visited Silverwood (over 7 years ago), we were on a tight budget. We’d just moved across the country, started a new job and bought a house, all while having three little mouths to keep fed. There wasn’t much wiggle room in the budget for trips to the theme park.

Our first visit happened because Silverwood partners with schools in their annual Read 2 Ride program to give kids (grades K-6) free tickets for reading 10+ hours during the month of March!  It was pretty sweet motivation for my little ones! They’ve now participated in the Silverwood reading program for five years!

Heads up! If your kid’s school (or homeschool co-op!) didn’t participate this year, make sure you contact Silverwood now to get it set up for next year!  Registration is already open for the 2019-2020 school year.



My name is Kelsey Steffen. My husband and I have been married for 13 years and moved to North Idaho nearly 11 years ago. Five years ago, we started a blog called Full of Days where we document and share all of our tips and tricks for living life to its fullest. In the summertime, our family tradition is making weekly trips to Silverwood. We split our time equally between the water park and the rides — but if we had to favor one side, it would be the water park. We all love the water!


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