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August 14, 2019.Mark White.0 Likes.4 Comments

As you roam the Silverwood grounds, you may notice a subtle and pleasant feeling that’s not related to the rides or the beautiful grounds or even the helpful employees. Instead, it could be a total lack of corporate promotional yuckiness.


Gary Norton, founder, and man in charge has always wanted to keep other company’s logos off the property. Outside of a few innocent things such as Dippin’ Dots (We can let that one slide because they are DELICIOUS), he’s completely succeeded.


The result is something rare and beautiful in today’s world: a day without constantly being sold something with shameless product placement etc..

See that giant metal roller coaster over there? Notice it’s just called Aftershock, not Aftershock by Mountain Dew.  


The burrito place in Coaster Alley is not one of those mini Taco Bells that serves like, 4 items. It’s called the Kool Cactus, and it’s rad.


Absolutely zero of the waterslides are presented by Dasani.


You won’t see the Huggies logo on the side of the Tiny Toot Roller Coaster.


Familiar with those funny Geico ads? They won’t be playing on tv screens while you’re waiting in line.


The float-up bar in the Lazy River is not a partnership with Grey Goose (However, we are not 100% opposed. Grey Goose, call us!)


Spoiler alert: at the end of Nick Norton’s magic show, he doesn’t unveil the new Chevy Silverado.


As it rolls through the woods, the steam train won’t pull you past a WalMart billboard.


And finally, at no point will anything turn into a Tide ad. If something does, alert security immediately.



For 31 years, our owner has held to his beliefs in keeping Silverwood a family-owned park, without cluttering it with ads. In 2019, it feels like a breath of fresh air.

Thanks, Gary. We relish our time away from corporate greed.



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  • Samantha Markwort . August 14, 2019 . Reply

    We used to go to Silverwood yearly when my kids earned tickets from reading. We miss making Silverwood a yearly memory!

  • Cassie W . August 14, 2019 . Reply

    Love this!

  • Carmen . August 15, 2019 . Reply

    We are excited to go next week.

  • Kailyn . August 15, 2019 . Reply

    We just got back (home is Canada) from 2 days at silverwood/boulder beach with our 3 kids under 5. So much fun!

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