The Softer Side of Silverwood

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Every time my family arrives at Silverwood, it is such a treat. The excitement for all of the adventures to come really begins to build up as you walk through the tunnel that eventually leads to the entry of the park. You are immediately greeted by a stunning array of flowers and themed music that sets the vibe of what’s to come. As we walked through the ticket gate we were immediately surrounded by shops, restaurants, and the train depot (the train ride is a must). While some may think of  Silverwood Theme Park as no more than high-intensity roller coasters with an attached water park, that couldn’t be farther from reality! Truthfully yes, the park is in fact full of super fun coasters and the best water park in the PNW, but it also has so much more to offer! I was pleasantly surprised by all the family-friendly non-ride options that Silverwood Theme Park has to offer. That’s good news for those who aren’t exactly adrenaline seekers. 

I’ve compiled an extensive list of all there is to experience at Silverwood for those who don’t enjoy or aren’t able to ride rides.

Beautiful Quiet Gardens 

When our family goes to Silverwood Theme Park, we usually make a whole day of it, from open to close. While it makes for a lot of memories, it can be tiring. Sometimes it’s nice to just take a time out to relax in the quiet garden. My youngest daughter and I normally find ourselves making at least one trip to the quiet garden, while my older daughters are running from ride to ride. The relaxing scenery gives us a little time to unwind from all the hustle and bustle throughout the day to appreciate all the colorful flowers and adorable birdhouses. Aside from the quiet gardens, I noticed that throughout the park there are many benches and grassy areas to sit back and relax. The quiet gardens specifically are Located in between Roller Coaster Alley and Garfield’s Summer Camp and I highly suggest you make a visit if you or one of your littles is feeling overwhelmed. 

Mine Shack

The mine shack is such a fun experience to share with your kids! It is located right in Garfield’s Summer Camp, and it is totally worth stopping by and checking out! My girls loved the opportunity to dig for treasures and collectibles!!


Who doesn’t love souvenir shopping while on vacation? My family loves searching around for the perfect knick-knacks to keep as memories of the fun we’ve had wherever we travel.  We love searching all of the fun shops throughout Silverwood that have fun keepsake items to purchase. My older daughters always gravitate towards the clothing sections while my youngest is more of a stuffed animal lover (she LOVES the toy store). I always make sure to snag a couple of the local huckleberry goodies from Silverwood Coffee Roasting & Trading Co. Oh, and how could I forget The Candy store, my whole family is always looking forward to stopping by for a sweet treat!

Pro Tip: If you end up buying all the things, don’t worry you don’t have to carry it around with you. Take advantage of Package Express- ask the staff at any store to save what you bought for you through Package Express and on your way out of the park you can pick everything up at the gift store by the front gate!!

Carnival Games

When I say that Silverwood Theme Park has it all I mean it. Stepping into Country Carnival you will be greeted with traditional style carnival games and even an arcade! While I never seem to have much luck, my hubby and the girls love trying to win the biggest stuffed animal prize possible! You can easily spend an afternoon in Country Carnival testing your luck and skills with all of the games they have to offer. 

Pro Tip: If you have some basketball skills, you can play 3-Point Shootout and possibly win a Silverwood T-shirt or even a TV!!

Train Ride Expedition

Ok, so Expedition Silverwood is less of a ride and more of a show. You will get to sit back (grab a bag of kettle corn) and enjoy as you watch the improv/stunt show on and off the train. The girls love looking for the hidden fairies and trolls along the way. Pro tip: the train runs every hour. On sunny days plan to get there early so you snag a seat on a cart that is covered.

Although the park is packed full of so many fun things to see, do and ride. I want to remind you to soak up all the smiles, laughter, excitement and family memories you’re all making together. No need to rush through the park, as there is plenty of time to see and do all of the fun stuff to do, I promise. Take a seat in the grass and wait for your kiddos to come running up to you after a ride, bursting with excitement! Or blow their minds when you offer to ride the Aftershock with them! These, my friends, are the days filled with priceless moments that you will all be talking about for years to come.

I would really love to hear your favorite Silverwood or Boulder Beach memory comment below.



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Kayla here, I’m a wife and mother to three incredible little ladies. I’m a self-proclaimed DIY and crafting expert and I run a blog called Kayla’s Making It Work. My family absolutely loves the beautiful Pacific Northwest summers, and one of our favorite ways to enjoy summer is at Silverwood! To this day, my daughters and nieces cannot stop talking about the racing water slide. One day, they went on that ride 5 or 6 times in a row before we had to tell them it was time to try something else! We still can’t decide on a favorite spot. My family has an absolute blast in Roller Coaster Alley and Boulder Beach. We are so excited to return and create more family memories this year!


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  • Samantha Markwort . August 21, 2019 . Reply

    We love the train!

  • Cassie W . August 21, 2019 . Reply

    Thanks for the tip on the quiet gardens! We will have to check them out.

  • Chrystal Lewis . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    I love that you highlighted the non-ride aspect of Silverwood. There really is something for everyone to enjoy!

  • Linda . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    My husband and I love to just stroll around admiring the flowers and fountains.

  • Brianna Pacetti . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    Thank you for this. I have a 2 year old. We like to go to the little park spot and wind down. Her favorite is also the helicopters

  • Missy sandera . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    Love this artical what a goog read. Very informative.

  • Missy sanders . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    Love this artical what a goog read. Very informative.

  • Angel shaw . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    Can’t wait to go again. It’s been 20 years.

  • Amanda Foister . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    We go every year to silverwood. We love both the theme park and water park. My kid always get to bring a friend or two who have never gone. We cant wait to go again.

  • CASSI FRICKELTON . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    I have never been but cant wait to experience it all!!

  • Isaiah . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    Looking forward to our families first visit in about 10 days!!!

  • Kathy Scott . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    I have been in Idaho for 25 years and not made it to Silverwood. this needs to change.

  • Gina Gies . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    Great tips! I like stopping by the ice cream shop, the scoops are HUGE

  • Vienna Hamil . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    We have been to many amusement parks all over the U.S. but Silverwood is our favorite!

  • Tanya shalz . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    This place is magical!!

  • Amber . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    Awesome! Thanks for the info

  • Amber Braun . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    Would love to come to Silverwood for the first time to ride the Silverwood express

  • Alysha meadows . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    My kids have never left Oregon and have never been to a theme park, their grandma lives in Montana so we are meeting her at silverwood for their first ever out of state/theme park experience! My kids have watched and rewatched the youtube videos of the park and my mom is excited about relaxing in the pool

  • Jamie Ewing . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    I like the magician show!

  • Katelyn . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    I’ve never been so this article is really helpful!!!’

  • Jessica . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    I LOVE the atmosphere! So much fun!!

  • Christi . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    Love this blog. There’s so much more to Silverwood than just the rides.

  • Rob Heppner . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    I love watching people play chess at the enormous chess board!

  • Vincent vierra . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    I live where the park is located. It’s perfect because I camp nearby and then hit the park after.

  • Elisha Cheever . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    Wow, thanks! This was super helpful and made our trip to Silverwood much better!

  • Lauren Alvarez . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    I have never been to Silverwood but would love to check out what everyone is talking about and have a great reunion for my family and my best friend’s family!

  • Autumn Morton . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    Can’t wait to go this fall!

  • Jeanie Moreno . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    Love the train also… however due to storm we had to leave. My daughter cried … the storm was awful.

  • Aubrey . August 22, 2019 . Reply

    Thanks for the article!!

  • Kalee . August 23, 2019 . Reply


  • Sandy . August 23, 2019 . Reply

    Can’t wait to check out the gold mine and train with my five year old!

  • Zoe Baker . August 24, 2019 . Reply

    Love SILVERWOOD, when we go we pretty much do all the things that you had lister above! In addition to everything else of course!!! 😀

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