Cocktails, No Kid’s, Adult Fun, Oh My!

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As summer slowly begins to wind down and the kids are beginning to get in their school routines, sometimes us adults just need one last adventure before the air begins to get chilly and we need to break out our flannels. In September, Silverwood is significantly less busy and only open on weekends! While the kids were away for the day at grandma’s my fiancee and I decided to spend a day (just the two of us) adventuring around Silverwood.


It’s fun to be a kid with your kid, but sometimes it’s more fun to be a kid with your spouse or significant other! Although Silverwood is jam-packed with family-friendly attractions, if you peek beneath the surface; you can find a day of romance! So, experience Silverwood differently and have some adult fun!


Just think, a day with no kid rides, no 10 million trips to the bathroom and no sticky hands yanking you in ten different directions! Don’t get me wrong, a day with your kiddos making memories is always a good time! However, I highly recommend a day of fun with your other half riding all the crazy rides, eating all the junk food and swapping out your sunscreen and sippy cups for a cocktail!

Doing the same thing over and over can become monotonous and what once was fun, and invigorating can become a mere routine. Spice up your couple time and introduce a sense of adventure into your dates!

Read on as I share with you our day of romance and adventure!


Upon arriving, we took a leisurely stroll through the park. When you’re running around with kids, it’s easy to miss the beauty of the park grounds. We enjoyed a casual walk hand in hand through the park taking in all the sights, yummy food smells, and sunshine. We made a few stops and hit some of our favorite rides (the Tilt-A-Whirl and the Roaring Creek Log Flume to name a few) and used our time standing in line to connect and share our week.

Our walk worked up an appetite, so we headed to Lindy’s for a romantic lunch for two. We sat at the bar (like grown-ups do) and enjoyed the Steak Salad, Penne Chicken Alfredo and a few specialty cocktails (which you can take to-go!)

Our next stop was the Nick Norton Magic Show. We love to disappear to Vegas to catch a show when we can, and this award-winning magic show was like a slice of Sin City! This show isn’t just for the kiddos, it is sure to thrill audiences of all ages. You won’t believe your eyes and it’s an opportunity to get close to your date!

After being wowed, we decided to take a nice leisurely ride on the Historic Engine No. 7. The 30-minute train ride takes you around the entire Silverwood property and into the Silverwood back forest. The ride is filled with entertainment from comedy, improv, guest interaction, historic facts about Silverwood and a visit from some pesky bandits that gives you a chance to snuggle up and let your man “protect” you!

Although Boulder Beach is closed in September, we had to reminisce on the days of floating around the lazy river holding our favorite frozen cocktails. We are already looking forward to spending summer here next year!

All in all, we had a fun and adventurous day and can’t wait to do it again! Research shows that couples who engage in fun activities together enjoy deeper intimacy. So, take a step outside of your comfort zone (don’t be afraid to leave your kids at home) and enjoy the last few weekends Silverwood is open before fall officially begins!

About the author:

Hi, my name is Allison Rose, and I live and breathe social media! I have lived in Spokane for 30 years and love the PNW and all it has to offer. I own 1-Stop Media, a social media marketing firm in Spokane, WA. Also, I work with other female influencers to provide a free blog for women, Build U Girl Gang. This resource is a place for women to share their authentic selves and inspire other women. I am engaged to a wonderful man and have two beautiful stepdaughters who are 9 and 10. My family absolutely loves spending time at Boulder Beach! I live for the bumper boats, log ride, and para-sail — but I mainly look forward to the train ride and, of course, a visit to the candy store.

I have grown up watching this park evolve. The very first time I visited Silverwood, the only roller coaster was the Corkscrew. I was always mesmerized by the old-time western feel of Silverwood as a child. It was like going back in time or being in a movie!


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  • amy . September 13, 2019 . Reply

    Love reading your blog. Silverwood is great for the whole family, and would love to finally ride the train!

  • Lisa DeRosier . September 16, 2019 . Reply

    Thank you so much for the awesome date idea!!!
    And, love the way you write.

  • Candi . September 16, 2019 . Reply

    Great perspective on Silverwood! I hadn’t thought about going there without grandkids. Sounds like Grandpa & I should give it try.

  • Kwehlast57 . September 16, 2019 . Reply

    I love this article! I have actually been questioned by people asking why I still love going there so much even though I don’t have any children of my own yet. It makes the best date for my Fiance and I! We love to have a brew, ride rides, and just be silly together! Letting your inner child come out is probably the best feeling you get to have as an adult!

  • Donna Offill . September 17, 2019 . Reply

    Sounds fun

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