The Scariest Date Night in the PNW

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One thing is for sure, not much can compare to the beauty of fall in the Pacific Northwest. The rapid approach of Halloween is signaled by gorgeous towering trees turning vivid shades of burnt orange and bright yellow leaves that will eventually scatter our sidewalks. We can also be sure of driving past giant Scarywood billboards and who can forget that terrifying Scarywood commercial that plays every year? That’s enough to give me nightmares for a week! Those are just a few autumn staples for those of us lucky enough to live in the PNW. For 10 years now, Scarywood has been instilling fear in those brave enough to enter. Up until this year, I was never one of those brave enough to enter. While I used to love haunted houses and scary movies as I became a mom the thrill of being scared out of my mind has slowly disappeared. Finally, my husband convinced me to go. As I reluctantly agreed I knew it was bound to be a date night we’d never forget! Needless to say, by the end of our night, we were not disappointed.


As soon as the air begins getting crisp, Silverwood becomes a completely immersive Halloween experience from the time you walk up to the gates down to every detail. The family-friendly magic show becomes a PG-13 rated show called Dillusion, where resident magician Nick Norton and his wife Amanda are stuck performing an enternal encore for viewers. Timber Terror runs backward, Tremors is running as normal and the nighttime views from Panic Plunge are incredible. All food and drink options change their signage and names (Purgatory Pizza, Dead End Cafe, etc). Even the gift shops were full of Scarywood gear. My husband and I were blown away with the attention to detail and how well the theming was executed throughout the park. 


We laughed, screamed and jumped (okay, maybe that was mostly me) but I must hand it to the actors because they definitely scared my husband a few times too.  We had so much fun and honestly we hadn’t laughed that hard for quite some time. If you like haunted houses, you will enjoy Scarywood as a couple. Or, better yet, go on a double date. The bigger the group, the more the laughter and bigger the scares! 

We weren’t able to get a lot of pictures because the park goes dark and I was too busy keeping an eye out for actors because they were EVERYWHERE… There is no place to hide!

If you’re nervous about attending, here are a few myth busters:

-The actors do not touch you. They may jump out and scare you, but they are very respectful. You never know where they will be lurking in the park, though, so BEWARE!

-You do not have to like really gory, scare your pants off haunts to enjoy Scarywood. Scarywood has something for everyone ranging from cannibals feasting on their next meals in Blood Bayou to a 3D Rock n’ Roll funhouse, that has some of the best scares in the entire park! Be warned – my husband and I had a blast, however, if you truly do not like to be scared, this is may not be the place for you. 

Here are a few tips and tricks for those brave enough to visit: 

-Dress very, very warm with hats, gloves, fuzzy socks, etc. While your adrenaline pumping helps keep you warm, October nights in the Pacific Northwest can be chilly! 

-Bring foot and hand warmers. Luckily, if you forget, Scarywood has a bunch in the main gift shop at the front entrance. Unfortunately, we didn’t know this until it was time to leave. 

-Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before opening to avoid traffic and beat the initial rush through the gates (and be first in line for your favorite attraction). 

-Get an overnight babysitter if possible so you can stay the entire time Scarywood is open. This year, Scarywood is open until 11 and midnight, depending on the night! 

-Make a whole date night out of it. Lindy’s turns into Boothill Bar with boozy Halloween-themed drinks and yummy desserts. For those with major food allergies, you may want to eat beforehand because Lindys is not open with their typical allergy-friendly menu. However, The Victorian is open with coffee, cocoa, and other fall favorite drinks.


While I can appreciate a nice dinner date followed by a movie, visiting Scarywood with my husband made for a date night that we both will look back on and laugh about for many years to come. We are thrilled with our newest October tradition!


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Hello, my name is Cheree! I am a wife and mom. I own a business called Heartfelt Mamas, where I share motherhood struggles and teach self-care through blogging and social media. I have been married to my husband for 12 years, and we have two boys who are in 1st grade and preschool. Our family loves to explore the outdoors and find activities around the Spokane area. We do our best to cherish experiences over things. I have been to Silverwood as a kid, teenager, young adult, adult — and now as a parent too. I am an adrenaline seeker; roller coasters and thrill rides are my all-time favorite! As a child, my dad and I would always try to find the rides that gave us the biggest adrenaline rush. Now my 6-year-old and I do the same. He is so excited to be tall enough for the big coasters this year!


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