I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but Christmas is only weeks away! Before you know it, we’ll be ringing in the New Year! Summertime adventures are just around the corner and I would be lying if I said I’m not already daydreaming of sun-filled days spent with my family. 

But before we write 2019 off completely, let’s get excited for Christmas! One perk of being a parent is stressing over the perfect presents to give your kids… cough… I mean Santa… 

Giving Experiences Over Gifts

One of our family’s favorite Christmas traditions is to give a family gift that everyone will enjoy. Over the years we have found that while our kids love their individual presents, our big family present is what they look forward to the most. I always try to make it something that we can all do together and is sure to create lasting memories for years to come. 

These experiences have looked different over the course of our 13 years of parenthood, but they usually come in the form of some sort of family vacation or getaway. Even if it is just an extended weekend, spending that quality time together as a family is so important. If it isn’t in the cards to plan an entire vacation I highly suggest checking out Silverwood’s 2 or 3-day passes that are being sold at a HUGE discount over the holidays. 

All of these experiences have created rich memories for our family, but one of our very favorite experiences (one we’ve gifted for the past three years) are season passes to Silverwood!

Summer Nostalgia

Just about the time we set our clocks back for Daylight Savings and prepare for the cold and dark winter days, we can count on our summer nostalgia to set in as we reminisce on all the fun we had last summer at Silverwood. The countdown to opening day begins! 

I love to hear about which ride each kid loved the most and which ride they can’t wait to ride first next year. It’s especially fun if we have a kiddo who will be “just tall enough” to ride some new rides for the first time.

I typically find myself daydreaming about floating along the lazy river under the hot summer sun, or screaming my way down the family water slides! Are you already missing the fun you had at Silverwood last summer?  

Start Planning Your Summer Fun Now!

You may or may not know about some of the amazing deals Silverwood offers on tickets during the off-season, so let me fill you in with some insider info!

Did you know Silverwood is already offering a Christmas Sale on Season Passes? These are some of the lowest prices on season passes you’ll see all year! Our family has snagged this deal the past three years and, with our family of six, we basically end up getting one entire season pass for free!

So call up the grandparents, aunties, and uncles and get the whole family in on this Christmas Season Pass Deal! Then start daydreaming about all of the summer adventures to come!

Silverwood Express Giveaway


My name is Kelsey Steffen. My husband and I have been married for 13 years and moved to North Idaho nearly 11 years ago. Five years ago, we started a blog called Full of Days where we document and share all of our tips and tricks for living life to its fullest. In the summertime, our family tradition is making weekly trips to Silverwood. We split our time equally between the water park and the rides — but if we had to favor one side, it would be the water park. We all love the water!


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  • Cassie W . December 12, 2019 . Reply

    Ahhh this makes me excited for summer!

  • Vanity . December 12, 2019 . Reply

    This is amazing and a amazing place I would loblobbe to take my kids for the first time

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