Best Rides at Silverwood for Young Children

September 24, 2020.Chelsea Halasz.3 Likes.9 Comments

Going to Silverwood with young children is more fun than I EVER thought it would be! I have a confession; the idea of bringing toddlers to a theme park all day did not used to sound like my idea of fun.

Boy was I wrong! We have a BLAST taking the kids and usually stay open to close. Yes, with Toddlers! Granted, they are passing out in their car seats on the way home… but I call it a win-win!
One of my favorite parts of going to Silverwood is honestly just watching the joy on my kids faces as they try out new rides!

Silverwood is PERFECT for toddlers and young kids. I love that they have the park situated with most of the tiny kids rides in one central location; “Garfield’s Summer Camp”. This means less walking and more riding! There’s even close by bathrooms and a fun jungle gym that look like trees!

The kids section is hardly ever crowded so you don’t have to worry about your young kiddos becoming too impatient in long lines! A lot of the time they are literally walking right on the rides!

Here are some of our kiddo’s favorites:

1. Red Barron (Airplanes)

Location: Garfield’s Summer Camp

The perfect first ride! Low thrill, perfect for littles to ride together or separately and they can control when they want to go up or down! Who wouldn’t want to try their hand at being a pilot? This is the perfect mini version of their NEW roller coaster coming in Summer 2021.

2. Tiny Toot Coaster

Location: Garfield’s Summer Camp

If you need a way to introduce a thriller, look no further than Tiny Toot! It’s the perfect mini coaster that will get your little kids comfortable with some faster turns! Plus, you can ride with them! This has a medium thrill level! Not too crazy, but just enough to make them want to try again! If your kids love trains as much as mine do, this one is a must!

3. Roaring Creek Log Flume

Location: Country Carnival

Perfect family ride for the whole family and is fun for all ages! (48 inches tall and smaller must ride with an adult). The Log Flume is a great break from kid only rides so mom and dad can have some fun riding too! Roaring creek is medium thrill and the perfect transition from mini coaster to water coaster! A great way too cool off and, YES, you will get wet! If it’s your little’s first time, sometimes sitting in the back seat can keep you a little drier! No guarantees though!

4. Frog Hopper

Location: Garfield’s Summer Camp

For some reason my youngest could ride this all day and his older sister is always happy to oblige! This mini rise and drop ride is low thrill, making it a great option for toddlers and young kids wanting something a little more gentle! One adult can also ride this one if your child doesn’t feel comfortable riding without a grown up!

5. Krazy Koaster

Location: Garfield’s Summer Camp

Looking for a spin? Krazy Koaster is my littles favorite spinning ride! A Mini-coaster with spinning carts, it’s even a thrill for us adults riding with them! For this medium thrill ride, you must be 36 inches to ride with an adult or 48 inches to ride alone! A couple times on this is sure to make you a little dizzy!


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