Silverwood is an amusement park located in Northern Idaho, and it is the largest theme park in the Pacific Northwest. It is 221 acres of fun amongst a bunch of trees and natural beauty. They have fun rides, treats, and a waterpark too! With something for everyone you can't go wrong. 

These are some of our favorites!

Dad took a turn by himself on the Spincycle. Basically it's a 104 foot tall pendulum that spins in both a 360 circle AND upside down circles at three and a half times the speed of gravity. This is no sissy ride. We saw full grown men screaming on this ride haha. 

Mom's favorite was the Lazy river. It was the perfect place to hang out and let the baby take a nap. I found a floatie and floated circles in the river.  I had to stay extra alert to avoid all the waterfalls that could soak and wake a sleeping baby until I found the perfect little eddy near the front entrance of the water park.  Just make sure to bring lots of sunscreen. 

Our 11 year old fell in love with Corkscrew. It is the red and yellow roller coaster located in Country Carnival. It takes you up 70 feet and takes you as fast as 46 MPH as you twist, turn, and go upside down twice in a double helix! It is definitely a one of a kind ride!

Panic Plunge was a favorite for our 9 year old. This ride is pretty crazy. You buckle in and the ride slowly takes you straight up, up, up 140 ft high before it literally drops you 120 feet 47 MPH. Just before you think you are going to crash into the ground, it slows to a stop. One really nice thing about this ride is that the ride happens so fast they can move people through pretty quickly. So the wait time is pretty short!

Our 6 year old fell in love with Tremors. Honestly this was a top favorite of all the girls. I was pretty surprised to find that my tiny little girl who was just barely tall enough to ride this wooden roller coaster was such a huge fan. Tremors is one of the top rated wood roller coasters in the whole country! The ride takes you 100 feet up into the air and then drops you 103 feet into an underground tunnel going 63 MPH! There are more dips and fun turns along the ride. Make sure to smile on the drops because one of them has a camera! 

While there aren't a ton of rides the baby can enjoy I would definitely say he loved the train ride. He loved the ride and was very interested in the stunt show. The first time we visited Silverwood years ago we didn't go on the train. We thought it was a dinky little take you to a different spot in the park ride. But it wasn't! It is an attraction in itself! You have a host who makes jokes and chats the whole ride through. The ride starts off on a fun little scenic ride around the park with lots of nature and trees.  You search for sasquatches, and bandits even come aboard! There is a fun little stunt show as well. All in all it wasn't what we expected. We were pleasantly surprised, and the best part- it's very family friendly. It's not a huge deal if your baby is fussy or makes noise. 
If you are looking for the perfect family vacation then this is it! There is something fun for everyone at Silverwood! 
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My name is Jenifer Koyle. I am a wife and a mother to 3 little girls and one baby boy. I run a blog called Momma Koyle where I share all our family fun, favorites, and must haves. We LOVE creating memories together at Silverwood.

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  • Leslie Stockdale . October 30, 2020 . Reply

    Thanks for the insight Jenifer!
    Looking forward to the 2021 season at Silverwood!

  • Cassie W . October 30, 2020 . Reply

    Can’t wait to visit next summer!

  • Tana Schauls . November 2, 2020 . Reply

    We love Silverwood too!

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