Whenever I think of amusement parks and carnivals, rides and SWEETS are two of the first things that come to mind. Honestly, I don’t think you can go to an amusement park without enjoying something sweet. You can’t do one without the other, right!?

I Scream, You Scream

The Ice Creamery has always been my kid’s favorite place to grab a special treat. Their famous ‘single’ scoop ice cream cone is by far the most satisfying ice cream cone around! Don’t be surprised if you can’t eat it all… you may even think about sharing one with someone!

Best $5 Treat?

If you’re frugal like me, you’re going to love the fact that funnel cakes are only $5 before 5 pm at the Sugar Shack! (you can save up to $2.50 depending on which kind you get!) Oh my goodness… they are so delicious and they are big enough to share! My husband, 16-year-old daughter, and I all shared one last summer, and we were all full by the time we finished! This year they are offering powdered sugar, huckleberry, strawberry, and the NEW fruitfetti flavor! Don’t forget to check out the funnel cake eating contest that was hosted at the park this year. Oh… they also have elephant ears! 

Sweet Treats on Main Street

If caramel apples are one of your favorites, you’re going to love the variety of hand-dipped specialty flavors. There’s just something about a messy, sticky caramel apple that reminds me of being a kid at the county fair!

Candy Store

Did you know that there is also a candy store? Each time I walk into the candy store, I feel like a kid again! So many varieties of candy… as far as you can see! Some of the candy in there I hadn’t seen since I was a kid! Even if you don’t buy anything while you’re in there – it’s always fun to walk around! The candy store is located at the end of the path on Main Street. Head towards the water park, and you should see the candy store sign along the way.

Tasty Tidbits

Ice cream, funnel cakes, and caramel apples aren’t your only options. Dippin’ Dots, snow cones, slushies, frozen lemonade, iced coffee, pastries, cotton candy, kettle corn and so much more are also available to satisfy your sweet tooth or bring back childhood memories!

 No matter where you are in the park, I promise you that there is something sweet right around the corner! You’re only “issue” is going to be making up your mind on which sweet treat to enjoy!



Frugal Tip: If you are a season pass holder, you also receive a 10% discount at all food and retail locations (excludes alcohol)!




Hello! My name is Bridget Axtell. My husband and I were both born & raised in Idaho and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. We have two amazing children, (ages 17 and 20) and 3 mastiffs! We have been enjoying Silverwood as a family for 19 years, but my first experience was at the airshow back in the mid-80’s! The thing we love most about Silverwood is that there is something for EVERYONE to enjoy! Our family loves everything about visiting the park and am not sure what we would say is our favorite ride or attraction… but you absolutely MUST visit the Ice Creamery and have a waffle cone! I’ve always been a frugal Mom, so 11 years ago I started my blog Being Frugal and Making It Work, so I could share frugal deals, tips, tricks and even giveaways! I’m also a coffee “addict” and have my very own Happy Coffee side gig! It doesn’t get much better…

Don’t forget to enter to win 2 tickets to Silverwood and Boulder Beach this summer!

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  • John Canner . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    good article

  • Narissa Moa . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    Love Silverwood! Thanks for all the tips!!

  • Karen Oyler . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    Can’t wait to take my grand kiddos

  • Jason Jarrett . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    Can’t wait to visit next week!

  • Sonya . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    I love the funnel cakes! Maybe I’ll try a new flavor next trip!

  • Mandi Taylor . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    Good to know about the early price savings. We’ll have to check that out next time. 🙂

  • April Brayboy . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    Thanks for the tips. I really enjoy spending time with my family and this just helps to make everything more smooth

  • Joneen Odermann . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    Can’t wait to have some fun with my family here!

  • Hannah morse . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    Love the funnels so yummy!!!!!

  • Guadalupe tafolla . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    My daughters want so much to go this weekend

  • Katie Payne . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    Great article! Love the $5 funnel cake tip!

  • Brian Olin . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    I want some of that cold icecream.

  • Samantha Estep . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    My whole family use to work here it’s amazing and there’s something for everyone to do

  • Ninarae Kieffer . June 28, 2021 . Reply


    • Ninarae Kieffer . June 28, 2021 . Reply

      Another tip is the Slushies! Non-Acho refills are only $1!

  • Lizzie . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    Amazing article. I remember going every summer with my family growing up and now I get to take my son.

  • Lance . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    Love me some Silver-Wood the treats are simple the best!!!

  • Amblee . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    Thanks for the tip. Looking forward to our first visit.

  • Monica G . June 28, 2021 . Reply

    My favorite is the ice creamery. But I’ll have to try the funnel cakes next time I’m there I didn’t know that frugal tip.

  • Lumynn . June 29, 2021 . Reply

    What a great read. Love Silverwood

  • Regina . June 29, 2021 . Reply

    We love going to Silverwood- thanks for the great tips. My husbands favorite place is the Ice Creamery. We love bringing friends there and watching their faces light up when they get their giant bowl of ice cream.

  • Nicole . June 29, 2021 . Reply

    Great tips thanks

  • Leslie Stockdale . June 29, 2021 . Reply

    I always tell myself to remember to grab a carmel apple on my way home and I have yet to remember! I guess that’s what total exhaustion after a day at Silverwood/BoulderBeach will do to you!

  • Mariia . June 29, 2021 . Reply

    Can’t wait to have fun with my family here!

  • Brittney Johnston . June 29, 2021 . Reply

    I can’t wait to try these in August!!

  • April DiMeo . June 29, 2021 . Reply

    We’re looking forward to coming our 20th time this Summer!

  • Amanda Gosselin . June 30, 2021 . Reply

    I can’t wait to take my kiddies here now that they’re tall enough to ride the kid rides!

  • Daniel . July 19, 2021 . Reply

    The Ice Creamery is our family’s favorite place for a treat. We can barely choose on the flavors because they are all amazing! Our family normally gets cookie dough and moose tracks, but every now and then we are in the mood for another flavor. Our family of five can share two of the Ice Creamery’s “one-scoops.” Each “one-scoop” is actually three gigantic scoops stuffed in a bowl or cone. This place is by far the best ice-cream for the price in the area.

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