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When you head to a theme park or water park, one of my favorite parts of our visit is trying out all the fun food & drink options! Silverwood & Boulder Beach waterpark offers such affordable options for dining that you really can’t go wrong with any of the choices.

We wanted to share our top favorite budget-friendly eats & drinks for the family at both the amusement park area & Boulder beach waterpark!

Affordable Meal Options:

Pizza at Theater of Illusion 

A visit to Silverwood isn’t complete without watching the award-winning Nick Norton magic show. It’s the perfect break from the waterpark or rides to relax in the A/C & enjoy this fantastic show while eating lunch or dinner. The pizzas are 16″ large pizzas starting at less than $15, which will feed the whole family – pay just $10 extra to get breadsticks & drinks for everyone, making it a very filling meal. Truly such a great deal for a dinner theater with such affordable food & a stellar show to enjoy while you eat!

For gluten-free diners, they also offer an affordable and tasty 10″ gluten-free pizza & they clean the workspace to make it separately from the other pizzas. Our daughter thought the pizza tasted delicious.

Chicken Strip Baskets 

The chicken strip meal is definitely one of the most popular meals at Silverwood & Boulder Beach, and there’s a reason – they are affordable, easy to find all around both parks & they are so filling! We found that these were perfect for splitting between 2 of us for a meal, leaving a little room for a slushie or treat for dessert!

Supreme Nachos

We love to find meals to share as it’s not only frugal, but it also gives us all more opportunities to try more of the delicious foods at the park. We love the nachos from the Kool Kactus booth in Roller Coaster Alley because you can load them up with all of your favorite toppings for no extra cost & all for under $9! This meant that everyone could try their favorite topping & have a filling, tasty meal we enjoyed!

Panini’s & Sandwiches at the High Moon Saloon

If you’d like a break during the day to sit down for a quick meal and enjoy some entertainment, the sandwiches at the High Moon Saloon are all under $10, making it an economical meal option for the family. You can order panini’s, sandwiches & salad at the bar & then take a seat inside the restaurant to cool off & enjoy a magic show or piano entertainment while you eat. 

Must-Have Snacks & Treats:

Funnel Cakes 

One of our favorite treats is funnel cakes & I love that Silverwood offers a variety of different flavors like strawberry, fruitfetti & huckleberry. These are so affordable, too, as you can pick any funnel cake before 5 pm for just $5!

These funnel cakes are huge, so they can definitely feed several people for a fun dessert option at the park! Head to the Sugar Shack in the Country Carnival area in the afternoon to grab your funnel cake for a mid-afternoon snack!

Ice Cream 

Summertime fun always includes ice cream, am I right?! Nowhere will you find as big of scoops of ice cream for the “single-serve” (or as tall of soft-serve cones) as Silverwood! This is such a budget-friendly treat because the scoops are so generous that you can absolutely share this treat with others! Try your ice cream in a waffle cone, waffle bowl, or bowl, all for the same price, too!

Kettle Corn 

Kettle corn is the perfect sweet snack when you have the munchies in between meals at Silverwood or if you are headed on the train and want something to eat while you ride & relax. We got this small size for under $5 & it not only lasted our afternoon in Silverwood, but we also had extra to bring home on our road trip.

Chocolates at the Candy Store

I love a good piece of chocolate & the Silverwood candy store has such fun flavors, such as this Huckleberry caramel! And for less than a dollar – it’s the perfect indulgence whether you need a pick-me-up in the middle of your day or a fun way to end your day at the park! So many fun candy options in the candy store – we love to head in there at the end of the night to grab some treats for the drive home.

Thirst Quenchers:

Souvenir Sports Bottle

Absolutely the best value for your money for drinks at Silverwood is the Sports Bottle for $11.99 (buy additional cups for $9.99). You’ll get free refills all day on your first day & refills for just $.99 every day you bring it back to the park. This will work for any of the sodas, regular lemonade, or iced tea. Bring it back all summer long & save big on those drink prices! Plus, have a great souvenir cup for home & eco-friendly, reusable bottle, too!

Slushie Drinks at Boulder Beach

On a hot day, nothing is more refreshing than floating down the mile-long Elkhorn Creek lazy river & enjoying a slushie from The Cove, a float-up bar in the lazy river. You can choose from an alcoholic or non-alcoholic slushie drink option to cool off in the heat. The best value is if you get the non-alcoholic slushie for under $5 & you can get a refill for just $.99!

These are just a few of our many affordable food & drink favorites from Silverwood! As I said earlier, all of the food is so affordable, with large portion sizes that will fill you up! So, you really can’t go wrong with any of the dining options! 

What are your favorite affordable food & drink options at Silverwood?


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    Great read, can’t wait to go this summer!

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    Saving this for our upcoming trip! Thanks I always try to save money while still being able to say yes when the kids want all the yummy treats!

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    Can’t wait to visit next month!

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    We are counting the moments to drive there this summer! (45 days to be exact.) We’re bringing a bunch of friends, too. I’m trying that huckleberry caramel for sure!

  • Kellie . July 8, 2021 . Reply

    Can’t wait to try these out! Thanks for the tips

  • Nicole Clayton . July 8, 2021 . Reply

    The pizza is our favorite. It’s so affordable, actually decent, and a great break during the day. We get the refillable bottles so we don’t get the meal deal which means dinner for 4 for less than 20 bucks.

  • Kelsey F . July 8, 2021 . Reply

    I am needing a summer Silverwood trip just for the food!

  • Lisa . July 8, 2021 . Reply

    You can always bring lunch and take a break and eat right outside the park. And allowed small snacks and your own water. Have fun everyone!

  • Camila . July 8, 2021 . Reply

    Can’t visit the park without having a waffle cone of Huckleberry ice cream! Actually the best Huckleberry ice cream I’ve had 😁🤗

  • Cassie . July 8, 2021 . Reply

    I can’t wait to come next week!!🥳

  • Laura . July 8, 2021 . Reply

    The ice cream is one of the best insider tips for sure!

  • Amanda Harris . July 8, 2021 . Reply

    Silverwood is an all time favorite. We go every year and have great food.

  • Jennifer . July 8, 2021 . Reply

    We are heading over in august with our 2 teenage daughters and two of their friends!!!
    Thanks for the tips!!

  • Lisa . July 8, 2021 . Reply

    We’re from Eastern Washington hoping to make a trip over later this month. Thank you for the information!

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    Love this article! Thank you for all the eats and sweets tips!!!

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    Thank you for these great tips! Going to use these when we go this summer!

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    This is so helpful!!! It’s always good to have a food game plan, atleast some what before going in. Especially with kiddos in tow!

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    Thanks for sharing this! We are going there next week!

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    Wow! Thanks for the tip about funnel cakes being $5 before 5!

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    Can’t wait to visit! Thanks for all the tips!

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    Thanks for the tips! Can’t wait to eat at some of these places!

  • Michelle P . July 8, 2021 . Reply

    Can’t wait to eat at some of these places!

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    Great info! Never knew about the refills on slushies!

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    Will be there next month! Can’t wait!

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    My kids were able to get free Silverwood tickets through a reading program. I’d really love to take them, but it’s difficult to put down the money for tickets for my husband and I.

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    Such a helpful blog post! I’ll keep it in mind when I go someday 😊

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    I would love to bring the grandbabies and show them a good time.

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    I haven’t been in years, but LOVE silverwood! Would love to take my kids for their first time!!

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    My boyfriend has never been out of state we are from Washington it would be fun to take is first trip to silverwood in Idaho!!

  • Aron Gray . July 8, 2021 . Reply

    1 week left and we will be there with the family and friends

  • Angie Basilio . July 8, 2021 . Reply

    Love the funnel cakes being $5 before 5! Thanks for all the great tips!

  • Bill Pearce . July 8, 2021 . Reply

    Great info… I love Silverwood and it is one of the best bargains in the amusement park game

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    Silverwood looks like a very fun place!

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    Thanks for this!! I love Silverwood and this will certainly come in handy! ❤️

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    Looking forward to going again someday.

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    Enjoyed the food and drink tips. Helpful when taking a large family group.

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    Great info! Thanks

  • Jmh777 . July 9, 2021 . Reply

    Great info! Thanks!

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    We’re headed there next weekend. Food tips are much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Awesome!! Totally savung for trip there. Never been yet. 🙂

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    Thank you, you give me hope that we won’t go broke after three days at the park with three adults and one teen!

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    Just went to Silverwood for the first time last month! We had a blast! Looking forward to going again and trying these snacks!

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    Thank you for sharing the valuable info! Can’t wait to share with my friends and fam! ❤️

  • Caileigh Nelson . July 11, 2021 . Reply

    Can’t wait to share with my friends and fam! ❤️

  • Kimberley Romo . July 11, 2021 . Reply

    Silverwood is amazing
    We often bring our food but now with prices like this its affordable to eat there too. Thanks for info.

  • Robin looney . July 11, 2021 . Reply

    Can’t wait to go

  • Alysha Thrasher . July 12, 2021 . Reply

    We absolutely love Silverwood and always enjoy the ice cream! Pro tip— remember to drink lots of water!!!

  • Teri . July 12, 2021 . Reply

    Very helpful information. Need to go again. Been a long time.

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    The refillable cup is the way to go! And the pizza is a great affordable option. Who doesn’t love pizza?!

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    Great food and prices and so very yummy!

  • Hannah morse . July 12, 2021 . Reply

    Prices are amazing just like the food!!

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    There are some great tips in this blog. Can’t wait to try them our on our next visit!

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    These are great! I love the single ice cream!

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    i love the rides especially spin cycle and i hope to try out stunt pilot this year!!!!!!!

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    Finally hoping to take my kids soon. Thanks for all the tips.

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    Looking forward to trying the slushee drinks at Boulder Beach. Going soon!

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    Looking forward to visiting and trying all the yummy food!

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    We are visiting today! Can’t wait

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    Omg! I loved this article. I didn’t even know that the Saloon sold paninis and sandwiches! I haven’t been able to go to Silverwood these last couple of years, but I think I’ll look into going soon!

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    I love silver wood so much o can’t wait to try your new roller coaster. And I can’t wait for scarywood since it was closed last year!

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    Great info!!

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    Dont forget the soft serve cones in Boulder Beach. They are huge and only 2.99 last time I was there

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