6 Quick Bites to Maximize Time at Silverwood

Whether you are spending just a day or several days at Silverwood, the time always just seems to fly by & our to-do list of all that we want to see & do at the theme park & water park is neverending. So, we try to maximize our time the most by finding some quick food options for several meals so we have as much time as possible to hit up our favorites at the park.

Silverwood offers everything from a relaxing sit down meal at Lindy’s or an all you can eat BBQ at Chuckwagon John’s to faster food options in every area of the park. Check out this list of our favorite quick meal options as well as some grab & go snacks so you can stay fueled for your busy day, while still enjoying all of the delicious food that Silverwood is known for!

Grab & Go Salads 

Want a lighter lunch to save room for all those delicious snacks & desserts you want to indulge in throughout the day? You’ll find these grab & go salads at many of the restaurants such as the High Moon Saloon, Kool Kactus & more. Since it’s all prepared & ready to go, this will help you maximize your time in the park without having to wait for your food to cook! Try the Chicken Caesar or Veggie for a meal or a side salad.

Sandwiches at the High Moon Saloon

If you’re looking for another option to take with you as you explore the park, stopping for sandwiches at the High Moon Saloon will be a fast option too. They have both cold cut sandwich options as well as toasted panini sandwiches(the turkey + pesto + cheese was delicious!) You can order to go & it’s right near the train station if you want to bring it on the train with you, too. {Plus, all of the sandwiches are under $10 so they are a frugal option as well!}

Kids Souvenir Lunch Box 

With the abundance of rides & ultimate fun to be had at the park, kids are not going to want to take long breaks for food. So, this kids’ lunch box from the Kidz Kafe in Critter Camp is the perfect fast meal. You’ll get all the essentials to keep them fueled for the next adventures with PBJ sandwich, applesauce, animal crackers & juice. And the Kidz Kafe typically has the shortest lines in the park so you won’t have to wait long for your meal! Plus, your child can take home the souvenir lunch box to remember your Silverwood trip!

Giant Pretzels with Cheese Dipping Sauce

If you’re looking for a hearty snack in between meals, this giant pretzel with a smile will hit the spot to bring with you as you head off to your next ride on the agenda. You’ll find these soft & flavorful pretzels at the Caselli’s Pizzeria in the Country Carnival area of the park or you can relax & enjoy a pretzel while watching the amazing Nick Norton magic show at the Theater of Illusion.

Grab a Coffee or Pastry at the Silverwood Coffee Roasting 

Whether you want a late breakfast on your way into the park or need a midday pick-me-up, the Silverwood Coffee Roasting & Trading Co right next to the entrance. is often one of the quieter areas of the park with shorter lines, so it can make a quick stop.  Grab an iced coffee or a giant cream-cheese cinnamon roll to start your day! If you have teens who are off exploring the park, you can take a few minutes to relax & unwind in the sitting room with your coffee or treat before heading off to meet them at their next stop.

Soft Serve Ice Cream 

Many of you may know about the massive ice cream cones that Silverwood is famous for, but did you know their soft-serve ice cream cones are huge, too! And so affordable – just a few dollars for this ice cream cone that you can savor yourself or split with someone else. They are so portable – we love to grab an ice cream at the kettle corn shop & eat these while wandering around the Country Carnival, as my husband and girls debate which game they want to try their luck!

What is your favorite quick bite at Silverwood? There are so many tasty options at Silverwood, whether you want to sit down & enjoy your meal or if you want to maximize your time at the park with some fast options like these!


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  • guilfoyle . September 27, 2021 . Reply

    Most of the food sold at Silverwood is extremely overpriced, for what you get! The only thing we could afford would be the cones… eat before you go and stop somewhere to eat after the theme park. 🙂

  • Tia . September 27, 2021 . Reply

    We love Silverwood!! We always try to go out to breakfast before we arrive and then just get snacks here and there throughout the day and go get some type of quick meal outside of the park before we leave. I absolutely did not know that they had giant pretzels so I am completely stoked about getting one of those!! Also the grab and go salads are definitely something I will have to try next time because I always feel a little bit achy after eating all of the high sugared treats. Lol

  • JMC . September 28, 2021 . Reply

    The soft-serve is great

  • Stef . October 1, 2021 . Reply

    Nothing better on a summers day than some soft serve!

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