It’s the Season of Giving!

It’s that time of year again! Last year, we were able to give away season passes to your loved ones, and we can’t wait to do it again this holiday season!  We are giving away 2023 season passes to 5 deserving families, and we are giving you the chance to nominate someone in need. 

From today until November 30th, you can enter our essay contest and the chosen families will get their season passes hand delivered by me for Christmas. Let’s work together to spread Christmas cheer and make someone’s holiday season special by nominating a deserving family today!




  • The deadline to enter is Wednesday, November 30th.
  • Winners will be notified on Wednesday, December 7th that their nominated family has been selected.
  • Winning families will win 2023 single-season passes for their immediate family.
  • Season passes are non-transferrable.

Comments (16)

  • Chris . November 10, 2022 . Reply

    Thanks for caring about families going through hard times.

  • Maranda . November 11, 2022 . Reply

    Thanks for giving this opportunity to many deserving families. Happy Holidays

  • Amber . November 11, 2022 . Reply

    Thank you so much for giving cheer away to people who really need it I’m so glad that you guys are here in the Inland Northwest and a family-owned family run amazing business that cares about their community thank you

  • Brandy A Unruh . November 11, 2022 . Reply

    I really appreciate the opportunity to nominate a family. How Do I go about doing that?

  • Jaclyn . November 11, 2022 . Reply

    Thanks for giving! Congrats to whomever wins this.

  • Joanna . November 11, 2022 . Reply

    What a blessing this will be for those families! Way to spread the spirit of Christmas!

  • roy kos . November 11, 2022 . Reply

    thank you guys for treating my family like your family.every year this is home for us.

  • Glen . November 11, 2022 . Reply

    You guys Rock, very fun park very entertaining and scary wood was a blast had so much fun

  • Sara Powell . November 12, 2022 . Reply

    Thanks for doing this for nominating someone and hope that my Husband Chris will get picked.

  • Tammy . November 12, 2022 . Reply

    Thank you for spreading Christmas joy !

  • Vicky Richardson . November 12, 2022 . Reply

    A huge thank you to Gary Norton, Paul Norton, Nick Norton and Justin Henry for the generosity that you are showing to families that need a SPECIAL gift this Christmas. I truly believe that the woman that I have nominated is very deserving of something great to come her way. Thanks in advance for considering my nomination. Sincerely a previous Silverwood front gate employee, Vicky Richardson

  • Mark . November 14, 2022 . Reply

    Thank you for caring enough about people in need to give such a uplifting and cheerful prize. All the families thank you

  • tim d. . November 18, 2022 . Reply

    How or where can we nominate a family? There is no link or form on this page.

  • Tara . November 23, 2022 . Reply

    Hi ☺️. I have tried several times to submit a letter however it seems the submit button isn’t doing it’s job correctly….it tells me to verify my request. Am I missing something? Thanks

  • Shana F . November 28, 2022 . Reply

    A wonderful blessing by Silverwood. I nominated my son-in-law who goes above and beyond to provide for his family. When my daughter & son were young, my husband & took them to Silverwood many times, even camped across the way. We have a lifetime of memories and I would love for my son-in-law & daughter to create their’s too! Thank you Silverwood for spreading cheer to others.

  • Takara Norris . November 30, 2022 . Reply

    What a wonderful giveaway! I pray all of this kindness is returned to the owners of Silverwood!

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