The Silverwood Show: Maintenance Challenge

June 16, 2023.Stephanie Sampson.0 Likes.8 Comments

The Silverwood Show: Maintenance Challenge

In this episode of the Silverwood Show, we are conducting a challenge between our Coaster Maintenance Department and our Facilities Department to see who has the quickest hammer at Silverwood. Then, we will give you a ProTip to find our secret cabana.


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Comments (8)

  • Jaclyn wilbourn . June 16, 2023 . Reply

    Can’t wait to try to make it this summer when my niece is here!

  • Dayssy Solis . June 17, 2023 . Reply

    How fun!

  • Rusti Wilson . June 17, 2023 . Reply

    Can’t wait to take the kids!

  • Joni Hamlin . June 17, 2023 . Reply

    Loved watching the guys trying to out hammer each other! I know we’ll have fun trying to locate the secret cabana ourselves on our next visit. 🙂

  • Katie C . June 17, 2023 . Reply

    Looks like a nice quite place for a sleeping baby!!!

  • Holly . June 19, 2023 . Reply

    I wanna go!

  • Leah Zuroff . June 19, 2023 . Reply

    Excited to visit for the first time 🙂

  • Nancy Short . June 20, 2023 . Reply

    I would love to bring my grandchildren to your park. They are new to Idaho and have not been up t that area. I have driven past and it looks amazing and fun

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