6 Most Popular Spots in the Water Park for Kids

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Boulder Beach is fun for all ages, but it is absolutely electric for young kids (I may be biased – I have two little girls myself!) There are so many things catered to young kids and tailored to keep them busy & having a great time. Let’s dive into the most popular spots at Boulder Beach for kids:

1.Elkhorn Lazy River

Who doesn’t love a casual jaunt in a tube down the lazy river!? It’s my 3-year-old’s favorite thing to do. She will swim in her life jacket for a bit and then hop in the tube to chill out with mom for a bit…and this cycle continues for several laps around the mile-long river. It can get a bit busy and challenging to nab a tube (especially in the afternoon), but they are available to rent, or if you get a cabana for the day, two are included for free! 

PRO TIP: around the first bend in the lazy river is a little inlet called, The Cove. It’s a swim-up bar with slushy drinks: both alcoholic and non-alcoholic! My best friend and I got the Jamaica Me Crazy (adult version), which was half strawberry daiquiri/half piña colada, and it was unbelievably delicious. 10/10 highly recommend it.

2.Toddler Springs

For little ones who want to cool off without the commitment of getting fully submerged, enter Toddler Springs. This spacious splash pad is tucked away from the hubbub a bit, making it a great place to take a little break and escape some of the overstimulation that toddlers can experience in a water park. There are several areas in the splash pad, offering various levels of “levels” – perfect for even the most water-hesitant kid!

3. Polliwog Park

I am sure you’re familiar with this park: it’s the area right when you walk in with the massive Silverwood logo bucket that tips over and elicits happy screams from the kids caught in the water below. This park is SO fun for kids and adults tagging along with them. There are slides of all sizes in here, too. There are a couple that are perfect for toddlers and those new to the water, plus a few bigger ones that aren’t as intimidating as the “big kid slides” but great for those kids looking for a “step up” from the intro slides (my 4-year-old LOVED these and could have been here all day). Just be careful of that big bucket; it brings with it a torrential downpour! There is a bell that will start dinging 5-10 seconds before the dump is coming, giving you a heads up to find cover under a bridge/walkway/slide, or else you’re getting soaked. That was the cause of a LOT of laughs in our family when we went!

4. Ricochet Rapids and Avalanche Mountain

This was the first season our 4-year-old was big enough to go on some bigger slides. She LOVED the tube rides at the far end of Boulder Beach: Ricochet Rapids and Avalanche Mountain. They are family rafts, allowing 4-6 people to go on a raft that traverses down the 40-foot mountain and into a 30-foot valley. She felt safe being on the ride with loved ones, allowing her to experience a thrilling ride, too!

5. Wave Pool

Another crowd-favorite is the wave pool (well, wave pools, as there are two of them!) It can get wild up toward the front, where the waves are huge, so we stay back in the first third of the pool and still have an absolute blast. The waves are a little more tame, but they’ll still toss you around a bit! 

6. Dessert Island/Dippin’ Dots

On a hot summer day, a cold ice cream treat REALLY hits the spot. There are a couple of different offerings: Dessert Island (with the Silverwood-famous one-scoop cones) and Dippin’ Dots. My husband and I are big fans of the Cookie Dough and Maui Waui sherbet, while my girls prefer the cotton candy Dippin’ Dots.

Let me leave you with one last tip: while you’re passing through the Boulder Beach Trading Co. (the gift shop you walk through when you head into the water park), make sure to grab a waterproof phone case. It keeps your phone dry, and you can take photos through the clear case without taking it out. Plus, it has an attachable necklace so you can go hands-free when not taking pictures of your fun-filled day. Trust me, you’re going to have a blast, and you’ll want to capture the memories you make during your time at Boulder Beach.


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Alyssa is a real estate agent in Spokane, WA and she loves creating Spokane/real estate-related content on Instagram (@alyssacurnutt). Her favorite job, though, is being mom to two sweet little girls and wife to her high school sweetheart, Jordan. Alyssa’s absolute favorite time of the year is summer: enjoying warm weather, visiting local lakes, camping, and (of course!) heading to SILVERWOOD!



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  • Bryan C . March 18, 2024 . Reply

    We are excited for our June trip!!

  • Leslie . March 18, 2024 . Reply

    Totally agree on ordering Jamaica Me Crazy!

  • Mary T. . March 18, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait to go on Stunt Pilot and Elkhorn Lazy River again!!

  • James T. . March 18, 2024 . Reply

    Silverwood is the best family summer activity!

  • Joni Hamlin . March 18, 2024 . Reply

    Many of those are my family’s favorite and we have a teenager!! Sometimes getting away to a slower paced area is great for all. Thank you for for always sharing your extra little tips like the drink recommendations at The Cove and the clear plastic phone cover in the gift shop. Have a great day!!

  • Cass W . March 18, 2024 . Reply

    We have got to try the swim up bar!

  • Joseph Fulton . March 18, 2024 . Reply

    The grandkids love the lazy river

  • Jennifer M. . March 18, 2024 . Reply

    We love the lazy river! My son is obsessed with it. He stays in there till his hands and feet prune up. We hope to go this year!

  • Tanya Hogan . March 20, 2024 . Reply

    I loved seeing the kid friendly information. As a single momma of five this info is really useful as we are hoping to plan a vacation here thus summer!

  • Catherine D. . March 20, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait to visit with my son.

  • Haley G . March 20, 2024 . Reply

    My son loves the wave pool! He would stay in there all day if he could!

  • Katie R . March 20, 2024 . Reply

    Love the lazy River and my girls love the toddler springs!

  • Sheridan Newlun . March 20, 2024 . Reply

    My best tip would be to bring all the snacks, and make sure your kiddos stay hydrated. Go in with no plans and just have fun! Follow your kids lead 🙂

  • Wendy Bjerke . March 20, 2024 . Reply

    Excited for another summer trip to Silverwood.

  • Chris W . March 21, 2024 . Reply

    THIS! So excited to give the kids so many memories this summer! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  • N . March 21, 2024 . Reply


  • Michelle Shook . March 24, 2024 . Reply

    We haven’t been in over 7 years! Hopefully we can make a trip this summer and enjoy the park through our (now much bigger) kids eyes!!

  • Helana . March 26, 2024 . Reply

    We can’t wait to go this summer!

  • Andrea Affentranger . March 26, 2024 . Reply

    Soooo Looking forward to Our First Silverwood visit in July !!
    Family reunion ~ 21 of us !
    Looks so fun

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