Best Attractions for Children in Wheelchairs: Evanna Edition

April 1, 2024.Scott Kuhn.0 Likes.3 Comments

As written about in a previous post, Silverwood is highly accessible, with so many options for younger kids who use wheelchairs. That being the case, some attractions are easier than others for transferring, or in some cases, not transferring.

Turns out that the rides that are easiest for transfers also happen to be Evanna’s favorites, so rather than list them first, we’ll let her answer:

For rides, the Puppy-Go-Round (on the map, 67), Red Baron (61), Helicopters (28), and Bumper Boats (29) are her favorites. The transfer is easy, with only Bumper Boats presenting a little bit of challenge, with having to carry, then step into the boat and set her down. For the others, it is as simple as wheeling to the ride and lifting her into the seat.

For other types of attractions, she loves the shows on old Engine #7, Marvin the Moose, the new High Moon Saloon Variety Show, and the even newer Engineers and singers. While I normally wouldn’t consider ice cream an attraction, at Silverwood, the bowl that you saw in the video is a Single Scoop at the Ice Creamery. Don’t question it, just enjoy.

There are a ton of options at Silverwood for a kid who is a wheelchair user. Come join Evanna and find your favorites!

Meet The Conductor

The Kuhn family (minus their two adult children) moved to northern Idaho in June of 2021. Between their teens and Evanna (who is seven and a wheelchair user), they can be found at Silverwood on a very regular basis. They share a variety of topics on Evanna’s Facebook Community Group related to not only her disability, but her therapies, accessibility, her struggles, homeschooling, and family life. She’s also featured often on Scott’s Instagram and Tiktok.


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  • Mary T. . April 1, 2024 . Reply

    This is amazing! I love how there are so many options for the children. Can’t wait to visit again this summer!

  • Jennifer M. . April 7, 2024 . Reply

    Silverwood is such a great place for kids to experience all these different thrills they have to offer. I grew up going here and I always loved going with my friends. They have added so much to make sure they accommodate everyone! <3

  • James K . April 7, 2024 . Reply

    I hope I get the chance to go here this summer with my kids. They really enjoy it.

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