Silverwood: Accessibility that Rocks!

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As we’re well into our second season with season passes, it’s safe to say that Evanna LOVES Silverwood. If there is any doubt about that, search the hashtag #silverwoodthemepark on Instagram (mobile shows more)… you’ll undoubtedly see her!

Accessibility is key to her enjoying Silverwood as much as she does. 

So, let’s talk about some of the specific accessibility features that help make Silverwood Evanna’s happy place.


Silverwood has massive amounts of disabled parking, all near the security screening. Easy in, easy out. 

Entrance Ramp

The ramp from the post-security screen to the gate is not too steep. There have even been times Evanna’s wanted to propel herself (which is a big deal for a seven-year-old). 

Courtesy Pass and Height Bracelet

Our first stop is almost always to the Info Center for a height band and Courtesy Pass… we’re there often enough; most of the staff there know her and what she needs before we get all the way there!

The height band allows her to not have to be measured for each ride, which is a big deal not just time-wise but dignity-wise since she’s not able to stand on her own.

The Courtesy Pass allows us to enter rides from alternate entrances. We only use it regularly on one ride (Bumper Boats) and occasionally on a couple of others. But even for the one ride, it’s worth it to skip the line that cycles back and forth in tight spaces. 


This is a huge deal for us because Evanna has a neurogenic bladder and has to be periodically catheterized. Silverwood offers a host of options for family restrooms and others with handicap stalls that are outlined in the accessibility guide linked at the bottom of this post. 

But we have two favorites: most times, we use the restrooms in the Critter Camp area, next to the Kiddie Wheel (spot 69 on the Park Map). Why? It tends to be quiet, cleaner, and not nearly as busy as other ones. The handicap stall is spacious and easy for us to use. 

The other favorite is if we’re in the area of the train, or the High Moon Saloon Variety Show, or the Marvin the Moose show…we use the restroom next door (between numbers 10 and 11 on the map)

The Train Lift

The train is a given for Evanna, sometimes twice, depending on the schedule that day (to catch both the Shootout show and the Sasquatch Rescue Mission show). It’s a great time to rest, cool down, and enjoy entertainment. The lift makes that possible. 

The People

There are some things the ADA can never mandate, and one of those things is how a disabled person is treated. Evanna loves Silverwood because it’s not just a place that is accessible or because it has some fun rides, though those things do help…she loves it because of how she is treated by staff and cast members.

We’re not talking about some sort of over-the-top treatment or even any kind of special treatment (though she is a little bit of a celebrity at Silverwood! 😂)…that’s not what we would ever expect or demand…but little things like being on her level to talk to her…that are actually huge things that show respect and value. 

Come enjoy Silverwood with us! 


Accessibility guide:

Park map: 


Meet The Conductor

The Kuhn family (minus their two adult children) moved to northern Idaho in June of 2021. Between their teens and Evanna (who is seven and a wheelchair user), they can be found at Silverwood on a very regular basis. They share a variety of topics on Evanna’s Facebook Community Group related to not only her disability, but her therapies, accessibility, her struggles, homeschooling, and family life. She’s also featured often on Scott’s Instagram and Tiktok.


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  • Gayle Douglas . January 22, 2024 . Reply

    We can’t wait to get back next year! I have a son that has a developmental delay and his body has a hard time adapting to different temperatures. We have had to leave multiple lines because he would get sick standing there for so long. We recently learned he could get a band to get him into the long lines quicker. Silverwood is wonderful!

    • Scott Kuhn . January 23, 2024 . Reply

      Definitely check out the Courtesy Pass we talk about in the post… it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

  • Haley G . January 22, 2024 . Reply

    Evanna is adorable! I love taking my kids to Silverwood!

    • Scott Kuhn . January 22, 2024 . Reply

      Thanks…we like her. 😉

  • Brooke . January 22, 2024 . Reply

    We love Silverwood!

  • Joseph Fulton . January 22, 2024 . Reply

    Counting the days until your open again

  • Kathy . January 25, 2024 . Reply

    That is an awesome feature family and story.

    • Scott Kuhn . January 25, 2024 . Reply

      Thanks! We appreciate hearing that

  • Darla Edwards . January 29, 2024 . Reply

    As the mom of 2 kids in a chairs, we love this!!!!

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