The Silverwood Show: Card Throwing

June 2, 2023.Stephanie Sampson.1 Like.15 Comments

The Silverwood Show: Card Throwing

In this episode of the Silverwood Show, Stephanie is heading to the Theatre of Illusions to meet up with her uncle, and resident magician, Nick Norton to learn how to throw cards.


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Comments (15)

  • Joseph Fulton . June 2, 2023 . Reply

    Cant wait to visit this sunday

  • Ayo . June 3, 2023 . Reply

    Looking forward to meeting Nick and his team. My kids would love the card throwing for sure.

  • Ayo . June 3, 2023 . Reply

    Looking forward to watching Nick and team perform magic tricks. My kids would love to do the card throwing for sure

  • Eileen Bruveleit . June 3, 2023 . Reply

    I can’t wait to visit this summer!

  • Scott Ferguson . June 4, 2023 . Reply

    Hi, The contact part of silverwood express website is broken, so i will try here.

    I noticed that the ticket giveaway from Jan 6th blog post is yet to be announced, could you perhaps announce the winners list? Thanks have a nice day, and nice episode of the silverwood show!

  • Kelsey schabell . June 5, 2023 . Reply

    Cant wait to visit!

  • Katie C . June 6, 2023 . Reply

    Cannot wait to watch with my kids this summer!!

  • Laura . June 6, 2023 . Reply

    I love some good illusions.

  • Marisol Lopez . June 7, 2023 . Reply

    I’m planning a visit this summer and would love to win! 😇This will be my family and I’d first visit 🤭would absolutely love to win We’d be so happy to take the kids for the first time🥰

  • Rachel Boltz . June 7, 2023 . Reply

    I would bring my kids my husband and my friend and her kid

  • Esperanza . June 7, 2023 . Reply

    Very cool technique!

  • Chelsea Mckell . June 8, 2023 . Reply

    We’re hoping to bring our crew this summer!! ☀️ 🎢

  • Brianna Mckell . June 8, 2023 . Reply

    This looks so fun!! I hope we get to go this year! 🤞😁

  • Eric Hrubecky . June 8, 2023 . Reply

    Love me some Magic!

  • Jaclyn wilbourn . June 8, 2023 . Reply

    I really want to bring my niece and daughter next month. My niece is flying all the way from hawaii and has never even flown on a plane or gone to a theme park! Please choose me so I can make this happen for her!

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