New Variety Show Breathes New Life Into the Old Saloon

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(Includes some mild spoilers)

One of the best recent updates to Silverwood’s High Moon Saloon was the addition of Marvin, the talking moose head who sits proudly up and center above the stage. The “moose with no caboose” is great with children, and not to brag, but he’s a personal friend of mine.

This year, Marvin got six new friends to share the spotlight with….

“The High Moon Saloon Variety Show” is a wholly original new production created by Silverwood’s Creative Team leaders, Luke and Wendi Yellin. Unlike saloon shows you’ve seen at other theme parks like Knott’s Berry Farm or Disneyland, this one doesn’t feature can-can dancers or wise-cracking piano players. It’s fun and uniquely Silverwood.

The half-hour-ish long show is sort of an old-timey, non-risqué vaudeville show with original music and fueled with impressive talent. Geared for families, this up-close-and-personal presentation is a little silly with melodramatic gestures and over-the-top expressions. But all in all, it’s good fun and a great way to enjoy a pulled pork slider or two.

The show begins with a warning to look out for “Big Jo,” who apparently has a hatred for small-scale variety shows at theme parks. But no matter, the show must go on. Oscar, the master of ceremonies, welcomes the audience and introduces the cast in song.

Suzy the Soprano sings a medley of well-known sections from famous operas. While you don’t expect to hear opera at a theme park, don’t balk. She’s amazing and probably the best talent in the show.

Felix the Ventriloquist arrives on stage with his buddy Freddy the Duck. The two sing a cute song in harmony that isn’t humanly possible for one performer. There is an obvious joke here where the curtain should open to reveal who Felix’s real singing partner is. Instead, kids will be amazed as parents wink at each other.

I especially liked Max the Mentalist, who thinks of himself as a great magician. He interacts and engages the audience to think of a number collectively, and he’ll guess it. And just as you’re sure he will fail, he gets it right. It’s a fun twist.

As the show goes on, fear of Big Jo shutting the show down continues. The characters act out with big, sweeping melodramatic gestures. And sure enough, Big Joe comes with a surprise.

The presentation ends with a grand finale around the bar. Afterward, the cast mingles with the audience in character for autographs and photo ops. Overall, “The High Moon Saloon Variety Show” should not be missed and is a great addition to Main Street.

It should be noted that while the saloon is a restaurant, you don’t need to order food to enjoy the show. We brought in a loaf of cinnamon bread from the coffee shop to enjoy! You check out some of their showtimes here


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