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February 5, 2024.Jeff Totey.7 Likes.60 Comments

Silverwood first opened its gates in 1988, but it didn’t receive what some may refer to as its “better half” until 2003. Boulder Beach was much smaller back then but quickly grew. Velocity Peak Speed Slides were added in 2004, a second wave pool, Avalanche Mountain, and Toddler Springs were brought in in 2007, and Richochet Rapids was added in 2011. Since that time, you’ve probably noticed that this beach has become, well… a little crowded. Fortunately, the park has plenty of room to grow. Come next summer, there will be a whole lot of new room to stretch out and explore.

After celebrating its 35th anniversary, Silverwood is embarking on one of the park’s largest expansions ever with the addition of the Emerald Forest at Boulder Beach. Stretching 3.86 acres, the $15 million expansion includes an exciting new thrill ride, a new children’s section, new dining options, and much more. It promises something for everyone in your family.

“The decision to expand Boulder Beach was driven by a deep understanding of the importance of creating unforgettable experiences for our valued guests,” says Stephanie Sampson (the star of “The Silverwood Show” video series.) “We wanted to create a space that not only offered thrilling attractions but also immersed our visitors in a world of natural wonder and enchantment.”

That’s a lot of hundred-dollar words, but just know this – the Emerald Forest is going to be FUN!

One of the new additions is the thrill ride Eagle Hunt, which is sort of a roller coaster and water slide mashed together. Not only will your tube travel down the slide, but it will also shoot up four hills with powerful blasts of water. As an “eagle,” you’ll race not only against the clock but other riders as well. The experience includes 925 feet of slide with four hills, three “flying saucers” navigating the turns, one face-to-face section where you’ll pass your competitor and a shadow effect that will simulate the experience of soaring through the trees near the end of the ride.

Although it will be positioned right next to Riptide Racers, Eagle Hunt will be a lot more than just another racing slide. You get to pick your prey (turtle, fish, squirrel, rabbit, duck, or fox). Each animal has a time associated with it. If you make it down in that time, you’ll catch your prey and earn bragging rights.

Silverwood is earning the right to brag, too. Eagle Hunt will be the West’s first dueling water coaster and the longest one in the United States! And it will be quick, too. It is estimated that up to 720 people will be able to experience this ride each hour. That’s twice the number of those riding the Avalanche Mountain and Ricochet Rapids slides. In turn, this will also shorten the wait times for all of the slides.

Located near Polliwog Park, Salmon Run will feature a splash pad and eight new slides for the younger set ranging in sizes from 36 to 82 feet in length. Each slide will have its own colorful scheme inspired by the fish that swim in Idaho’s lakes.

In front of Salmon Run, you’ll find a big seating area for dining alongside 32 new private cabanas. Each cabana will seat up to six people, with seven more that will be able to accommodate up to 20 people.

To help with the growing lines for food, Boulder Beach will also welcome the Rapids Grill, which is said to serve guests “whitewater fast” – up to 1,200 guests per hour. You’ll also find a beverage bar called Northern Flights. And while not as exciting as the rest of the news, but still necessary, Boulder Beach will get a new restroom, too.

“I think that the best part of all of this is that we really have included everyone in this thought process,” says Jordan Carter, the Director of Marketing and Entertainment. “When planning this expansion, we listened to the feedback of our guests.”

Mark your calendars. The Emerald Forest is slated to open in 2024.


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  • Leslie . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    Sounds exciting!

  • Brooke . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    So excited for this new addition!

  • Kimberly . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    Already booked our RV site for August! Looking forward to going!

  • Chanelle . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    Looking forward to the newest addition of the waterpark. My son is excited to spend his 12th birthday on the waterpark side of Silverwood this year.
    Best tip – pace yourself and stay hydrated. Try to minimize how much you really need inside the park. Don’t underestimate the joy of the train ride.

  • Emily W . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    I am so excited to visit and see the new expansion this summer with my family!

  • Allie . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    Rude the roller coasters early

  • Joseph Fulton . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait to ride the new slides

  • Gayle Douglas . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    I am so glad they have expanded Boulder Beach!

  • Diane B . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    We can not wait to come try the new slides!!!

  • Chantal Smith . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait to find out what a water coaster actually is!

  • Amanda Knapp . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    This all sounds amazing. And adding another restroom was much needed! So excited for this summer!

  • P . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    So excited for all the changes!!!

  • Wendy Bjerke . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait to see this in person summer 2024

  • Nicole . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait!

  • Taylor . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    Already have a trip planned. Would love to win!

  • Sky . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    Looks like fun!

  • Tami neumann . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait

  • RAD . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    So excited

  • Cristina . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    This is going to be a fun addition!

  • tammy . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    so excited to be coming this Aug..

  • Kellie . February 5, 2024 . Reply

    We can’t wait!!

  • Cynthia Cayocca . February 6, 2024 . Reply

    This is so exciting can’t wait to come check it out one day when I can afford it. One thing is I hope they put more lockers around the park and maybe expand the water park part to an hour longer. And more affordable electric scooters I know as a disabled grandparents we struggle to walk all that distance with the kids and when we purchased three season passes two years in a row we were only able to use them a couple times the first time and the second time only once or twice cuz COVID hit and was never reimbursed to use the following year like they said.

  • Alexis Briere . February 6, 2024 . Reply

    I’ve been here twice and each time my daughter and I had a blast !!

  • Dustin Hall . February 7, 2024 . Reply

    Super exciting!

  • April . February 7, 2024 . Reply

    Sounds like fun, all my times to Silverwood, I have yet to visit BoulderBeach

  • Jeanie Payne . February 7, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait to visit!

  • Sarah . February 7, 2024 . Reply

    Hope to come 2024

  • Sarah s . February 7, 2024 . Reply

    Hope to come 2024

  • Tori Martinsen . February 7, 2024 . Reply

    We hope to attend this summer! Can’t wait for our kids to experience the fun! Won’t forget the water and sunscreen!!

  • Sheila McD . February 7, 2024 . Reply

    Sounds like a trip to Silverwood is in order this summer!

  • Jennifer M . February 7, 2024 . Reply

    I can’t wait to try out the new slides! My son is so excited and keeps asking when it’s open. He’s currently reading for the Read to Ride ticket and can’t wait to use it for the new addition. Thank you for the excellent program.

  • Kevin D . February 8, 2024 . Reply

    It’s been a lot of years since I’ve visited. Maybe I need to plan a new trip.

  • Jacqueline Bailey . February 8, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait to see new expansion would love to win

  • unakrn . February 8, 2024 . Reply

    Looks great

  • Charlene Morris . February 8, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait for the 2024 season. Excited to see the new additions.

  • Niki . February 8, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait!!

  • Miranda Robinson . February 8, 2024 . Reply

    Looks like a fun addition!

  • Rachel H . February 8, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait for our next visit!

  • Brittney S . February 8, 2024 . Reply

    It’s always been a challenge to get a cabana. I’m glad they’re adding more! Looking forward to another summer at Boulder Beach!

  • Craig . February 8, 2024 . Reply

    I can’t wait to check out the new additions to Boulder Beach this summer!

  • TLK . February 8, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait!

  • Cass W . February 8, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait to check this out! My son keeps talking about it.

  • Cindy G. . February 9, 2024 . Reply

    Amazing, can’t wait!

  • Alison A. . February 9, 2024 . Reply

    I am so excited to try Eagle Hunt. My first experience at Silverwood was last year and I had so much fun! Being 49 years old, I still love every ride and the kids that I travelled with loved that I would go on everything. So excited to come back this year.

  • Becky Moore . February 9, 2024 . Reply

    Awesome! I can’t wait to enjoy these Amazing new features, we Love Silverwood!

  • Jacob . February 9, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait for the new rides! Always enjoy our time at Silverwood

  • CodiG . February 10, 2024 . Reply

    We are so so excited! Been waiting since they announced and watching updates!

  • Katie B . February 10, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait for our visit in August!

  • JTartt . February 10, 2024 . Reply

    Oh please, please, please, let me and my family be able to visit this year!

  • Jenn . February 10, 2024 . Reply

    We visited with our 2 kiddos last summer & LOVED it! My best insider advice would be to take a day in between park visits when you buy a 2-day pass. And definitely buy a 2-day pass!

  • Dayna Dinsdale . February 10, 2024 . Reply

    Counting down the days …very excited

  • Canuck . February 10, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait to visit again this summer

  • Kristina Osborne . February 10, 2024 . Reply

    I absolutely love Silverwood! Bulder Beach is probably my favorite part about the entire park!

  • Ashley Gordon . February 10, 2024 . Reply

    How exciting! We’ll be there in August!

  • Deb Dalby . February 11, 2024 . Reply

    We can’t wait! Our first visit was in 1991. A lot of changes over the years.

  • Katie Yashchenko . February 12, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait for the new expansion! My kids would for sure enjoy the water slides

  • Tiffany ward . February 12, 2024 . Reply

    Can’t wait to visit the new expansion!

  • Andrew ward . February 12, 2024 . Reply

    Let’s Go!

  • Ryan Croston . February 12, 2024 . Reply

    Wooohoooo! Cannot wait!

  • Shelley Moderie . February 26, 2024 . Reply

    I have been going here almost yearly since my youngest son was born 2001 it’s so amazing I love it here the rv park is great too

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