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May 10, 2019.Mark White.7 Likes.13 Comments

I Feel Like the Luckiest Train Alive


By Silverwood’s 1915 Steam Train


When folks talk about their dream jobs, “Theme Park Train” isn’t usually one of them. But let me tell you, it should be. Because that’s my job, and I love every single second of it.


First off, a little bit about myself. As a 1915 Porter Steam Locomotive, I’m not what anyone would call a recent mode of transportation. But despite my age, I feel incredible.


I was put into service crisscrossing the rails of this fine country, which is what I did for my first several decades of existence. Then things slowed down. I was bought and sold a few times. I even spent some years in storage. Me! In storage!

Fortunately, everything changed for me in 1986, when Gary Norton (Silverwood’s Founder) placed a bid for me at an auction. His bid was remarkable because it outbid a much larger company we’ll simply call “The Big D”.  You can take it from there.

From that point onward, things have settled into a very pleasant loop. I spend the good weather months out and about, traversing a 3-mile track around the park’s 500+ acres. And the bad weather months? I have a place in San Diego.

But for me, life is all about those summer days at Silverwood, when I spend my time choo choo-ing families through the beautiful North Idaho woods, staring at mountains, making people happy, and generally feeling like the grand antique that I am.

So hop on board folks. Find a seat — they’re all good ones. Embrace the beautiful scenery. Relax,  take pictures, and laugh.

For the next 30 minutes, I’ll turn fire into steam, and steam into motion. Just like I did in 1915. Only now, I do it for trainload after trainload of grinning kids.


You might feel like you’re lucky to ride such a majestic old train.


But let me tell you, I’m the lucky one.


See you on the rails!

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Comments (13)

  • Alex Fisher . May 13, 2019 . Reply

    I havnt rode on the train since I was a child we rarely go buy would love to take my daughter she is almost 9 and has never been

  • Cassie Walker . May 13, 2019 . Reply

    The kids love the train!!

  • Brooke Eversole . May 13, 2019 . Reply

    I love the train!

  • Amanda . May 14, 2019 . Reply

    We look forward to taking the kids to Silverwood this summer for their first theme park adventure ever!

  • Crystal . May 14, 2019 . Reply

    It’s amazing to see from the seats of the past. My son who is now 5 has always loved trains it was his first word (after mommy and daddy 😂) and would always shout “TRAIN” if he saw one passing through. Thanks Silverwood Gary Norton!

  • Lisa Hail . May 14, 2019 . Reply


  • Emily McKay . May 14, 2019 . Reply

    I actually love the train ride. It’s one of my favorites in Silverwood. My niece also loves the ‘robbera’. It’s interesting to learn more about it.

  • Shelli . May 14, 2019 . Reply

    I love the train!

  • Samantha Hamelin . May 14, 2019 . Reply

    I love Train rides they are so peaceful. I wish I could take a ride once a week.

  • Kris Rollins . May 14, 2019 . Reply

    I remember riding the train back in ’98. The last time that I was at Silverwood. I hope to go again and take my kids and ride the train.

  • Jessica . May 14, 2019 . Reply

    We love the train, nice way to have a bit of chill time

  • Amy Scott . May 15, 2019 . Reply

    My 3 yr old son is obsessed with trains!!!!! Would i love you to take him on this amazing train ride

  • Becky B . May 15, 2019 . Reply

    Our family absolutely loved Silverwood when we visited for the first time last summer. We are coming back in July and the amazing train ride is on our must do list! Can’t wait!

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